Yearly Predictions 2014

  • 2014 yearly predictions

    2014 year matrix number is 19 – happiness, success, wealth and excellent lucky number. While previous year was based on mix of 6 and 8 concept, this new year has 7 and 9.

    Number 7 and 9 promotes each other quite well [they are ketu and mars]. Together, they can form 29 providing luck to such person as Aamir khan, Sanjay dutt [former’s destiny and latter’ dob is 29].

    With matrix 19 or 1, most lucky persons would be in number 5 series [will it be so? 2014 has a 14 or 5 and under the control of 1].

    Assuming that the 4 in 14 would modify it, persons with destiny number 5, movies in 5, bank sectors, communications, transport sectors, cricket teams South africa and bangladesh would succeed well.

    NOTE – If 1 killing 5 shows affect, all the above sections would fail instead [time will tell].

    Important events would occur in the lives of number 9 series [might not be good though].

    Matrix 19/1 is lucky for 5, 2, 7, 4 and 1. Even for 8. Unlucky for 6.

    Share mareket/financial – As said, 2014 or 7 gets the benefit of 9 and 1. General nature of 7 is severe downfall but with 9, results would be positive.

    19 is a wealth number – plain meaning favors share market. Banks, transport and telecom sectors.

    Bollywood – Bright future in the quality sense – nice entertaining films. Actors in destiny 5, 1 series most lucky – Vidya balan, Hrithik, sunny deol, Aamir, Shahrukh, Akshay kumar.

    Sports – SA and banglagesh are in 5 [if 5 works]. Aus is 4, 19 lucky for them. Pak because of 14 and 9 matching their independence date and destiny. Ind beats all the major teams with 19 or 1. Rohit sharma again.

    IPL might see teams in number 9 and 1 reaching finals [csk 9, srh 1, mi 2, rr 40].

    Crime numerology – 2014 has a 14 – unlucky for girls. 9 of 19 might promote most violent rapes, burns and attacks on girls.

    Number 5 becomes extremely powerful with matrix 1. Number 5 represents gang rapes, group sex. SO….

    Numbers 50, 20, 29 might show up time and again. 2014 adding to 7 is a saintly number but matrix 9 would make it anti- saintly.

    Education – Researches in maths is possible.

  • 2 thoughts on “Yearly Predictions 2014

    1. Shikhar Dhawan’s wicket hinted some fraud done.. He got out on 38 .. as you said before 38 hints fraud. Do you think India fixed the match?

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