Nupur Talwar Case Verdict – Preview Numerology

  • aarushi talwar case

    UPDATE- Numerology do exists, even the minutest things prove its existence. Read below and you come to know that Aarushi’s dob was 24 and destiny 34.

    Her parent are in jail for possible killing. Rajesh Talwar has been allotted prisoner number 9342 while Nupur got prisoner number 9343.

    Interchanged digits become 2439 and 3439. Aarushi’s dob present in Rajesh’ prisoner number, Nupur gets the girl’s destiny number 34.

    39 is common, surely has some hidden meaning. Does’nt all these confirm them as murderers or ocurring so because she was their daughter.

    Weeks ago, i had pointed out few important numbers present and active on murder date. 11 and 31 were among them. Now, how this could work so accurately?

    Rajesh and Nupur Talwar have been lodged in barrack number 11 and 13 with other 11 inmates and 35 prisoners respectively!


    Crime never goes unpunished, it follows you till your death!

    And the above saying has showed its effect. It is hard to believe that numerology could be so accurate – Aarushi talwar’s destiny number was 7, she was finished on may 15 or 16. And the latest verdict on may 25, 2008.

    Something had happened on may 15th itself – almost sure. The date matrix was getting reversed and creating 25 which supports nudity, group sex well-


    Vital numbers- 11, 25, 63

    Aarushi talwar’ numberology was highly interesting – 24 may, 1994 [really of fake?]. That makes her dob 24 and destiny 34 –


    Vital numbers- 24, 23, 44, 58

    Number 24 affected persons have high interest in sex and pleasures, number 44 creates unsocial activities. Birth month is cusp of 6 and 5. Another 23 in matrix – liking for nudism, boldness.

    Destiny 7 creates compulsive/addictive mastrubations habbits.

    Like Rogers cup and , it was a game of master number. Master number series is the single most link connecting everything – 11 of murder eve, dob 44, mother Nupur talwar’ full name adding to 44.

    Father rajesh talwar’s full name in 88 or 33 pattern adding to exact 34 [her destiny number].

    And 22, 38 and [38 plus fri/6 = 44].

    Murder or suicide?

    Assumed murder date 16 may, 2008 Fri-


    Vital numbers – 16, 22, 12, 62, 38

    Number 38 generally points out at suicides rather than murder. Did Aarushi commit suicide because they killed hemraj or because she saw him with nupur?
    OR else, murders happened on may 15 itself before 12 midnight.

    Numerological clues for trapping REAL murderers

    May 16 matrix has number 62 , which means somebody with destiny in 31. Again fri or 6 and 38 forming 63 8 effect. Same person/cause was present on 15th too – its matrix too had 63

    It wont be shocking when we find any master number -22, 33, 44 in dob/destiny in the killer’ numerology. And number 63 is in excess, hence destiny 36. Even 31.

    Nupur talwar guilty?

    Whenever there is a 12 in matrix, persons with PT, tp in name rules that day. PT means 84, 48. And again, Nupur talwar name has pt…

    Verdict date nov 25, 2013 –


    Vital numbers – 25, 15, 55, 21

    May 15 reverse matrix had exact number 25. Somebody present on that date will be affected today also. 55 is again master number and equal to 44. And again 21…

    Nupur talwar’ name fits perfectly on today’s matrix. She would be affected the most today – either good or bad way.

    House address is L-32… or 3-32… again 33 and 32… and 35 – death number. Such house numbers creates unnatural sexual behaviors. Porn kind.

    Her aunt Vandana talwars name is interesting – 23 + 17 = 50 ….hmmmmm 23 and 5…

    Theory [just what numbers say, no personal view – Aarushi’s destiny 7 creates addictive mastrubation habits. Doing it with adult toys on wooden sofa, resting head back creates injuries in occipital bone areas. Somebody might be watching it. And somebody else Hit on her head in anger with the adult toy sharp area when she was exausted and weak.

    She suffered instant injuries from back and front with a single hit.

    Verdict – Both held guilty under sections 203, 302, 34…. exact 34!

    Verdict punishment on nov 26-

    matrix total number is 42… [aarushi’ dob 24]… today, she would get justice i feel.

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