New Zealand Vs West Indies Matches – Predictions

  • Wi captain sammy destiny is perfectly matching with begining date dec 3. Nz captain  Mcullum dob is 27… common numberology says his chance because begining date is 3 and his destiny 37 might give challenges  on 11 and 19 as well.

    So, NZ or else draw……

    Dec dates/destiny forms the 11 pattern…whole month… 33, 44, 1111….1919….hmmmm

    Simple numerology predictions would be provided..not ours.

    1st test – Draw

    Matrix is unique….



    Vital numbers – 32, 02, 31, 15..

    Teu is 9.   Sammy dob is 20 and 26 [similar to 13]. Mcullum destiny 37 becoming 32…   NZ is 42..or 6…  there is a 31 2…or 42…   9 will tumble either sammy or nz…hmmmm

    LIVE – Had predicted…  matrix 31 would should effect. 1st wkt itself out for 62 runs in 83 balls…!

    number 38 often results in draw [as stated in ashes series summer this year].

    2nd test – NZ

    Mcullum’s destiny  37…or 1 controlling 11…..   54 pattern favors nz.

    3rd test – WI-NZ

    ODI series- The beginning date matrix might reverse to form 22 and 61….Bravo’ destiny 29 directly matching …..mcullum destiny 37….matching [in the sense that 1 controls 4]

    1st ODI – WI

    Reverse matrix is 22 and 61……… nz team name is 16 plus 26…….. noticed the 16-61…reverse/defeat effect?

    LIVE – NZ score 156…in 66 pattern adding to 3. Number 3 killing 6. NZ is 6…..
    3rd ODI- NZ
    4th ODI- NZ
    5th ODI – WI
    Just that..WI are 18 + 19…=37…    matrix has a 18, a 16…and pattern 87…matching 37.   DON’T attempt, might prove risky.
    Nz vs wi T20 series- Again, beginning date matching with both, but mcullum destiny 1 having more control…..?
    1st t20 – NZ
    2nd t20 – NZ
    1st wkt in 12 and 7 or 37 pattern..mcullum’ destiny is 37. 2nd wkt [loosing team] 29 and 19 or 21 0…OR 0 12…bravo matrix is 36…the 12 pattern,…….. nz winning chances.
    Target – 160 or 70….anti-bravo…his dob is 7!
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  • 7 thoughts on “New Zealand Vs West Indies Matches – Predictions

      • i have already provided the basic/main hints. ye series timepass k liye nahi shuru kiya- movies, sports, crime, share market, cricket astro…

        roji roti k liye hai… aur dal chaawal k liye nahi… minimum 30,000-1 lac per month milne k liye.

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