Poonam Pandey Leaked MMS Once Again!

  • poonam pandey leaked video

    Number 5 and 6 constantly pushes the person’s mind towards enjoying nudism and sex. Those who are affected by both the numbers remain restless untill they enjoy bold things time and again.

    Poonam Pandey is one of such candidates who perfectly sits on this slot. Her name and birth date are full of nudism. Her name adds to 32 + 24 = 56.

    I am wrong that 5 means nudism and 6 -sex. Everytime the same thing is proved. No other qualities of 5 and 6 pop up so prominently as sex and nudity.

    Her birth details are quite vital in solving aarushi case. Poonam was born 11 mar, 1991-



    Vital numbers – 11, 15, 25, 36..

    This matrix matches exactly with Aarushi murder date eve… may 15… I had pointed out in that case that the matrix was taking the reverse pattern 11 n 25…. same 11 got reflected in other things related with the case.

    25, as i pointed, has 5 in it creating the possibilities of group sex, strip tease, porn, nudism in general. Poonam already establishes the 11 n 25 matrix meaning.

    Doesnt it hint that that day, Aarushi was going through similar stuffs?

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