Jai Ho Teaser On 11, First Look On 12?

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    Salman khan’s destiny number is 33 and the idea to release teaser on dec 11 was first class. Same master number series creates unbeatable luck [our concept used here too].

    Our 11 and 33 effect concept worked bang on for Salman yesterday. Jai ho recorded 56000 views on youtube within 24 hrs. My destiny is the same 33 and i am always sure of its luck with date 11.

    While most of the other pandits predictions failed for cricket matches yesterday…my mind/concepts guided me towards the perfect hints. Both, Ind vs SA washout and Pak win prediction clicked correctly.

    But, it first look trailer on 12 is confusing. Matrix of dec 12 has number 36 effect. Salman khan’s destiny 6 and Jai ho movie title in 6…  both might get caught up in 3 and 6 effect.

    It is unclear whether today it is 36 or 63? The latter is plainly unlucky.

    Problems are many… Jai ho releases on 2014… its year matrix is 19 or 1. Number 6 can’t survive well on 1. Hmmmm……

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