Indian Idol Sandeep Acharya Dies – Numerology

  • He died of jaundice yesterday. In his death lays no mystery but his general numerology struck my eyes…hence this post.

    Sandeep Acharya name adds to 31 + 14 = 45. This is a powerful number in itself. And its inner pattern 45…multiplied that power… [same balanced inner and outer name number concept].

    Sandeep Acharya death

    And he dies in 2013…year matrix of which is 18…  resembling his 45. This 18 and 45 played a crucial role in Carlsen‘s chess championship win this year.

    Sandeep first name in 31 was bad. His dob was feb 4, 1984… As written earlier by me, feb month proves weak for all…. his matrix-



    Vital numbers- 48, 04, 28..

    He dies in his 30th running age…[ 4 plus 8 = 3..]…. He was the winner of Indian Idol 2 singing reality show…in 2006… its year matrix was 11….  matching his destiny number 1.

    And date was 22 [his birth year digits 1984 adds to 22]

    Indian Idol contestants are dying at young age…this is the 2nd case. Its numerology is life taking?

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