Shraddha Kapoor Aashiqui 2 Success Secrets

  • Shraddha Kapoor in Ashiqui2
  • Shraddha Kapoor in Ashiqui2 Aashiqui 2 was a special film of 2013…. though it lacked story…it turned out to be the most appealing film because of its starcast, songs and direction. Shraddha kapoor was lively and at her best in the film. Here are the explanation for Shradda Kapoor Aashiqui 2 by Prasant (numerologist and mathematician)

    The movie title added to 19 + 2 =21… Noticed our balanced name component concept here too – 12, 21? This balanced name was a powerful thing in itself, further it matched the year 2013..or 6 and matrix 18. Had predicted last year that number 3 would survive the best… Shraddha kapoor name adds to 25 plus 27 = 52…or 7. Number 7 plays strong role in her case – first name and final too. As explained recently in cricket predictions for chandimal lucky age.. number 7 matches well/best with 9. 7 stands for ketu and 9 for mars, both are treated as equals in south astrology. The year matrix of 2013 is what? Number 18 or 9…. Assuming that her birth records are true, her destiny number is 27 or 9….again…  Also, our concept says that 7 can be replaced by 2 anytime… Her running age during the release of aashiqui 2 was 22…matching her 27! Again, the release month was of number 6….mass appeal, filmy number. Shraddha kapoor matrix middle number is 37…should give her success and more sexy attitude… she might shock you with her boldness in her upcoming films…. She needs to be careful in selecting films and love.

    Stay tuned for more on upcoming films of Shraddha Kapoor by Prasant! Always consult him before starting your new film project.

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