Dhoom 3 And Unlucky 11!

  • dhoom 3 stills

    Dhoom 3 releases tomorrow on dec 20, 2013…But, the bad thing is that the day has destiny number in 11. Number 11 represents lack of charm/uninteresting stuffs…even failures. Matrix-



    Vital numbers- 20, 11, 31

    Aamir’ destiny is 29..and release date matching with it bang on [our concept used here]. And Dhoom 3 name in number 30, matching with 2013 and year matrix 18… no dearth of wealth.

    Defects – Killer numbers 11 and 31 present. There is a 0 for reversing/cancelling 31. But, number 11 would surely show its bad effect somewhere..story or acting or public liking etc.

    Even the modified name D3 is 7..and the matrix is 2 11…0  or 40 …..anti 7 to some/major extent.

    Abhi’ running age is unlucky 38…Uday chopra lucky 41 [but a mismatch today] and Aamir in his unlucky 49. It is to be noted that khan’ destiny is 29….resembling and matching 49. Yet, 49 is 49…fifty-fifty chance…..

    Abhi is 38 and Aamir 49, together set for Dhoom….?   Brand name/publicity might save things…but Dhoom 3 not looking promising because of 11, 49 and 38…

  • 5 thoughts on “Dhoom 3 And Unlucky 11!

      • I think you are hinting at its opening records etc…

        Arey baap re….sab gaali de rahe hai..poore dhoom 3 team ko. kahaani pooraa gadbad ghotala…..number 11 had hinted it beforehand…

      • I never ever get swayed away by ‘producers angle’…. it kills the meaning of movie predictions…. Ask anybody…which film did they like in 2013…no reply would contain the words…’chennai… or krrish… shootout… dhoom …hmmmmm.. check it yourself anytime.

      • 400 cr secret tip…. actors affected by 3..shouldnt use fri but thur for their film release…. aamir, abhi affected by 3… And 6 never on thur….therefore Jai ho trailer fell flat…………

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