Bigg Boss 7 Winner Predictions [Finale Numerology]

  • Bigg Boss 7 contestants

    Bigg boss season 7 is its finale week, only 2 days to go. On the inaugural date of the show, sept 15, we had hinted that the matrix might reverse….to give numbers 11 and 52…

    Number 11 will play an important role…. either in master numbers form 22, 33, 44 etc or directly number 1 series [because, 11 is composed of two 1s]

    Since the age records of the contestants were ever changing, i didnt chase its prediction later [it was waste of time]. But, now, i realise that the hint had turned correct to high extent.

    The finale of bigg boss 7 has now only – Sangram, Tanisha, Gauhar and Ajaz.  The age records of the latter two are absent, so no clue.

    But yes, Gauhar dob in 5. Beginning date reverse matrix was 11 and 52… So, number 5 had a place in finale.  5 is a good match with finale date 1….[our 1-5 concept that we used for Ashes summer 2014 predictions].

    Sangram singh’ destiny number is 33 [exactly a master number as hinted by 11]. His matrix total is 54…..   highly resembling 2013 year matrix 18 [Carlsen won chess…his matrix total was 45]…..

    Tanisha has dob in 1… numerology more, her destiny is 27 and running age 36 or 9……matching…..Finale date destiny is 19. The 9 had hinted that Tanisha might reach the final…..

    But her destiny 9 might get killed by 1 [1 kills 9 in 19…as per our concept.]  Sangram singh name adds to 19 + 17 = 36….. same 9.

    My destiny number is 33…..thats why i tested 11 on that itself by posting the BB 7 predictions…and the concept/hint has worked till now..

    Again, when i was confused….Jumaani ji’ words ring in my ears…..2013 or 6…venus or women’ year…….so, a woman.

    Personally, i had liked Gauhar khan to win [for her dancing perfections]..

    UPDATE– As had hinted in bold….Gauhar dob 5…..popped up in beginning date reversed matrix….. and lucky with finale date/destiny in 1… [our unique…ashes prediction concept 5 wins on 1]….

    Her age is ever changing…. the search results show…1983….means destiny 34 and age 31….matching. 34 or 7…direct;y matches with the main hint 11…. [7 and 2 are equals concept]…

    Wiki says 80-83…..even then…we get…31…  33 [reversal concept]…, 33 and 34…..So, all the options falling in the same hint bracket – 11…!

    Had hinted at her in our ebook as well 2 months ago….

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