PM Elections 2014 – Numerology Insight

  • Narendra Modi 2014

    2014 year matrix is 19 – Gandhi number…….[Gandhi adds to number 19]. Numerology of 44 in case of both, Modi and Rahul, prompted me to write this post. This is not PM prediction….

    Rahul Gandhi birth date is 19 [2014 matrix is 19]…his destiny is 33. Number 33 often rules over other numbers. His matrix is 79…..again…year matrix has a 7 [2014] and 9 of 19. BUT, his age is 44.

    Rulership number 46 is embedded in Sonia Gandhi‘ birth year 1946…  why couldn’t she be a PM…? Her birth date is 9 and destiny 32, total adding to 41.

    2014 has a 41 and the matrix is 19 or 1. Number 5 wins with 1. Her age resembles her birth 46 – 68…adding to 5 [with afflictions like her 41.

    Narendra modi‘ birth matrix seems to be risky 44…similar to Rahul…. His dob 17 and destiny 32…could become 12 and 32 [35]….  adding to 44……

    He is in his 64th year…..while 46 gives power….i guess…the reverse creates downfall/death?

    Both, Rahul and Modi carrying life taking/ imprisonment number 44….A WORD OF CAUTION-

    Number 44 affected persons dies or kills others on 11 affected days…….it is advisable to avoid such matrix…. Recently, Modi has a rally on jan 12….it has a reversed matrix 11……   general/casual advise is to avoid it… a rule….

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