Ishwar Pandey’ Debut Match Against NZ Series

  • Ishwar Pandey

    New face, Ishwar Pandey, will make his debut in international cricket in India vs new zealand series beginning on Jan 19. Will his plight be similar to the already existing gang [money earners yet failures]?

    His name is the first thing that catches our eyes..Ishwar Pandey adding to 18 + 24 = 42…The inner pattern is 96….lucky, interchanged pattern present…good. And what to say about 42?

    42 takes to great heights instantly, best example being Shahrukh khan. BUT, here, there is the PT problem……..he will be caught up in sexy things more rather than cricket.

    Like Yo Yo Honey Singh, this guy has a reversed matrix case Similar to the big boss 7….he is best influenced by 11 and 54….

    No wonder, he has been selected in his running age 25……  [ 7 is equal to 11 or 2]…..   Also, 25 is a good number……NZ series begins on 19 which has the destiny 18…..   resembling his 54…..

    The 9 in 19 is a hinderance…..yet….seems ok…….   The PT will pull down his 42….   Lets hope, he plays more for India’s win rather than earn more!

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