Changed Captain Ruined Luck!

  • Phillip Hughes

    Many matches have been lost in big bash 2014 just because of change of captain on exactly unwanted days. Today, strikers had winning chances if hughes were retained as captain.

    Jan 16 matrix-


    Vital numbers- 16, 15, 31

    The 31 fully supported hughes, his destiny number is exactly 31. Even his birth date 30 was a good match with 15.

    This was a crucial match for adelaide strikers to retain their run into semis. The finale date has a 76 or 26…again attracting his 31…

    But, botha’ return spoilt the party. He recovered on the most unwanted date.

    Captains of most teams are changing now and then. Now, Sixers captain henriques has his destiny in 28…On feb 1….[just before semis], he enters his 28th age……matching matching…

    His matrix total is 1 plus 28…adding to 29…. which matches exactly with the series beginning date dec 20….

    Changes could weaken sixers……..

    Perth Scorchers’ Craig Simmons [birth date 1 plus destiny 24 totalling 25 or 7 ]  didnt miss the chance today…..Jan 16 or 7. He hit an amazing ‘misbah’ knock……..102 runs in 41 balls!

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