Hockey India League 2014 Predictions

  • hil 2014

    It is interesting that HIL teams are mostly in 3,6 and 9 series..mismatching with 2014 adding to 7. Without adding complexity, Ranchi rhinos in number 4 and new team Kalinga lancers in 2 are directly matching. 2014 has a 14 which supports Delhi wave riders in 8 too.

    [Now adding captains’ numerology too this year. Last year, it was purely predictions based on team numerology].

    Delhi team captain Sardara Singh is his lucky 28 and his destiny 37 directly controlling beginning date 25 [1 and 7 are in same series]

    Jan 25 – Punjab warriors vs Delhi Wave Riders/Draw

    Jan 26 – Ranchi Rhinos vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    Punjab warriors vs Mumbai Magicians

    Jan 27 –  Ranchi Rhinos vs Delhi Wave Riders

    Jan 28 – Kalinga Lancers vs Punjab warriors

    Jan 29 – Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Mumbai Magicians

    Jan 30 –  Kalinga Lancers vs Delhi Wave Riders

    Jan 31 – Punjab warriors vs Delhi Wave Riders

    feb 1 – Ranchi Rhinos vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    Kalinga Lancers vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 2 – Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Punjab warriors

    Kalinga Lancers vs Delhi Wave Riders

    feb 4 – Ranchi Rhinos vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 5 – Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Delhi Wave Riders /Draw

    feb 6 – Delhi Wave Riders vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 7 – Kalinga Lancers vs Ranchi Rhinos

    feb 8 – Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Delhi Wave Riders

    Punjab warriors vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 9 – Kalinga Lancers vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    Ranchi Rhinos vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 11 –  Punjab warriors vs Kalinga Lancers

    feb 12 – Delhi Wave Riders vs Ranchi Rhinos

    feb 13 – Kalinga Lancers vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    feb 14 – Kalinga Lancers vs Ranchi Rhinos

    feb 15 – Punjab warriors vs  Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    Mumbai Magicians vs Delhi Wave Riders

    feb 16 – Kalinga Lancers vs Mumbai Magicians

    Punjab warriors vs Ranchi Rhinos

    feb 18 – Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Mumbai Magicians

    feb 19 – Punjab warriors vs Ranchi Rhinos

    Semi finals

    Feb 22 – Delhi Wave Riders vs Uttar Pradesh Wizards

    Punjab warriors vs Ranchi Rhinos

    Final , 3rd place

    Punjab warriors vs Delhi Wave Riders

    Uttar Pradesh Wizards vs Ranchi Rhinos

    In italics represents adjusted predictions ….

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