Pakistan Again Asia Cup Winner?

  • asia cup pak

    2014 adds to 7…beginning and finale date of asia cup 2014 is 7…Pak team name is 7 and their independence destiny number is 7 – omg!

    While feb month has date/destiny in 11 pattern, the general benefit lessens in march… It is interesting that total numbers of matches to be played 11….

    Misbah’ birth date is 28…and 14 provides support/luck for such persons. Recently, wawrinka won the australian open tennis title beating nadal. His birth date is 28.

    The 14 is coming in natural form from the year pattern 2014…[might/might not provide winning luck everytime]…

    Confusions are many…. 2014 has three main numbers – 7, 14 and 19

    Afghanistan team name adds to 1…..matching with all three.Nabi’ destiny and running age is 29…head to toe matching…

    14 takes 18 [sri lanka]… but 19 kills it [in finale akin].

    Since the pattern is 1 and 9 /14 and 9….we can assume that 9 might kill 1 [and its matchings]. Only those with 1 and 9 in its numerology survive…..

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