The Reverse 32 Test Once Again

  • interchanged letters

    Tomorrow, there is a cluster of matches – all to be decided by the match/mis match of the captain’ destiny number with the reversed digits in the date matrix.

    Hockey India league matches – both the semis, then the 2nd t20 ireland vs west indies. The original matrix of feb 22-


    vital numbers- 22, 13, 23, 35

    Ireland captain portfield’ destiny number is 37…perfect matching with 32…  but with reversed digits 23?

    Hockey semi finals-

    Sardara singh’ destiny is 37, Jamie dwyer’ 32. Amazing thing it is- so many players tomorrow in 32/37.

    Sat and 35 adds to 43….or 53?  Then anything possible [players matrix total exibit different results].

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