Warm Up Matches T20 World Cup 2014

  • Mar 12 –

    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Ireland

    last 2..carries the 6 and 3 defect…exactly opposite teams also possible.

    astro – 1st batting lagna conjunct gulikya antiscion…….severe weakness.

    mar 14 – zim, netherlands, UAE, bangladesh

    depends on whether matrix is 35 or 35 0…..   the above based on 35. If 0 shows effect, zim and bangladesh results would vary.

    Today, 45 turns into 55 as hinted in sensex predictions. Hong kong captain atkinson matrix total is exactly 55.

    9 am – 1st batting partile conjunct gulikyan – severe weakness…

    1-30 pm – 1st batting lagna partile aspected by sun – powerful, 2nd batting lagna loosely squared by gulikyan. Weakness.

    mar 17 – matrix has a 78 which could turn into 28………28 attracts 14, ok for 37…..defeat for 32.  The scores/targets could take any of these – 1, 3, 4

    ind vs sl – Matrix has sl’ favorite number 78.

    163, 187

    pak vs nz – Again 78 could prove lucky for nz in 42…

    169, 147, 129, 166, 183/138

    Astro – 3pm…1st batting lagna partile conjunct with gulikyan – severe weakness.

    7pm – 1st batting partile squared by jupiter – powerful. Gulikya kaal 2nd batting loosely conjunct rahu…..rahu gives winning streak…[can’t say because it is not close].

    mar 18 – Wi, SA

    matrix total is 37……..sammy and fa du plessis birth matrix are 46……..same 1. Teu or 9 could modify things…….not necessarily though.

    possible scores- it seems, the matrix might take 5, 1, 29 or 7

    eng vs wi – 155, 149, 185/105, 136

    General day numbers- 143, 133, 88, 149/140, 155, 131, 185, 190, 203, 208

    Astro – 3pm…1st batting lagna and moon are in partile degrees…….powerful. 2nd batting aspected by venus and jupiter……..powerful.

    Bang A vs SA – 62, 167, 119 [62 …26…116]

    1st batting partile conjunct maa…….severe weakness?

    Live – Bang A really fell at the hinted pattern…[62 …26…116] Both the captains share birth date 13…which takes 26 without fail….and the master number 11 for du plessis destiny 33.

    Mar 19 = basically a game of 26, 35, 44……. Aus, Sl, SA, Ind

    General day numbers- 129/192, 201, 93, 152, 130

    Aus vs nz – 137, 182, 124

    sl vs wi – 142, 206                              [137…..173]

    Ind vs eng – 156, 174, 125, 118, 145

    sa vs pak – 147, 104, 76

    Astro – 3pm 1st batting lagna [moon rashi] sharply conjunct maa antiscion…….powerful.

    7 pm – 1st batting weakened by gulikyan/maa aspect…….2nd batting sharply conjunct moon…generally powerful…here…weakened by sun’ aspect..and sharp gulikyan antiscion.

    mar 20 7pm

    1st batting loosely conjunct ketu…weakness. 2nd batting getting loose special aspect by jupiter. nice.

    Mar 21 3pm….

    1st batting lagna squared loosely by maa……weakness.

    7pm – 1st batting mildly weakened by ketu antiscion -defeat symptoms. 2nd batting closely squared by gulikyan…….. weakness.

    Mar 22

    3pm….1st batting lagna moon rashi…strongly squared by sat square aspect.  [but generally moon rashi gets devastated by sat].

    2nd batting lagna has moon in MC…partile 10th house….it means huge total to chase? Again, lagna is sun rashi…so, combust effect?

    7pm – 1st batting lagna conjunct ketu antision…….weakness/defeat. 2nd lagna aspected by guliyan via jupiter….but could be less worse than ketu defect.

    mar 23

    3pm- I think 2nd batting might get connected with jupiter via maa…so, strong. Also, Sun antiscion is falling within 1 degree closeness in 4th house….powerful

    [Highly plain thing – 2nd lagna conjunct gulikyan severe weakness…..]

    7pm- 1st batting sharply conjunct ketu antiscion…….weakness/defeat symptoms….


    Mar 24

    3pm – Again, 2nd batting lagna has  Sun antiscion is falling within 1 degree closeness in 4th house….powerful. 2nd batting winning chances provided..1st batting score is not without any wicket fall for more than 50-70 runs.

    Mar 2

    1st batting partile conjunct maa- severe weakness. 2nd batting caught between aspects from mer and jupiter….53

    mar 27

    3pm – 1st batting sharply conjunct gulikyan antiscion….severe weakness. 2nd batting sharply squared by moon via  maa…mix o weakness…


    7pm….1st batting has the aspect by 29 formation…..nice [though with ketu antiscion conjunction/defeat symptoms]. 2nd batting conjunct partile sun antiscion……..powerful.

    mar 28

    3pm – 2nd batting sharply conjunct gulikyan antiscion – weakness.


    Mar 29

    3pm- 2nd batting sharply aspected by moon – powerful…[but, combust effect?]


    7pm- 2nd batting sharply sextiled by gulikyan……might be weakness.


    mar 30

    3pm – 2nd batting lagna conjunct gulikyan..maa…weakness.

    7pm- 2nd batting lagna conjunct moon antiscion – strong.


    mar 31

    2nd batting conjunct maa- weakness. Moon antiscion falling on it…..could be good [risky].


    apr 1

    3pm- 1st batting and ketu in partile degrees……a matter of concern.

    7pm- 1st batting conjunct maa- severe weakness.


    apr 3

    1st batting lagna sharply conjunct mars – strong. 2nd batting lagna sharply aspected by sun as well as loosely conjunct sun antiscion- powerful.

    apr 4

    2nd batting lagna has aspects by partile connected moon-maa pair- powerful.

    apr 6

    1st batting lagna lord mercury’ antiscion falling on sat…severe weakness…..

    new time- 2nd batting 8-50 pm..is conjunct sat-mer antiscion pair. mercury magnifies the power of sat in general. powerful….

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