Ragini MMS 2 And Other Movies Numerology

  • Dishkiyaoon

    ragini mms 2 bold

    Ragini mms added to nice 24…but the sequel with ‘2’ adds to 26..risky one.

    Release date
    Ragini mms 2 release date matrix is not what it seems, it is subject to modifications. The refined one is-

    Vital numbers- 11, 23

    Again the bad 11!

    Number 11 in release date indicates lack luster contents, monetary losses. Also, public liking is severely lost.

    So many films have met bad end solely because of this fatal number ‘11’.

    Here, one thing for relief is that fri and matrix is forming 67…pattern…equal to 62…a support for the movie in 26.

    The director has a ‘jackpot’ with him, Sunny leone. Lets hope for the best……

    [It is interesting that her last flop film Jackpot added to same 26, and her running age during its release was same 33 like now.

    Few numerologists have pointed that jackpot had failed because 26 is considered unlucky in numerology. Now, Jism 2 is 26].

    Few more upcoming releases — Gunday,



    Dishkiyaoon – Adds to 37…exactly matching Harman baweja’ birth matrix 13 plus 24… 37. Problem is that, it has a D, creating number 47…….not great for wealth/public liking.

    Release date mar 28, 2014..



    vital numbers- 28, 20, 80, 48…54

    When 54 becomes 55….or 1, it matches exactly film/baweja’ 37….1..  BUT, the 0 in 20 might create anti 1 effect….weakness/failure for 1..

    In general, 54 and 55 creates wealth….. not for this film.

    Harman baweja is looking exception in the trailer….his body language, grooming….A hero looking really attractive in action after so many years….almost 18-24 years…

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