General Elections 2014 – Numerology

  • Modi vs rahul general elections

    While Modi is going strong [even age wise], election and result date are typical. Lets observe the date matrices deeper and try to know the confusing patterns.

    2014 general assembly elections have 3 main/popular parties – Congress, BJP and AAP. Their names add to these numerological numbers-

    Congress- 31

    BJP- 11

    AAP- 10.

    Basically, all three are bad. Gandhi party 31 creates ‘separations and aloofness besides severe monetary losses’. BJP 11 as we know gives mental worries and monetary losses.

    AAP 10 is ‘wheel of fortune’ could give ‘on and off’ wealth and general well being.

    The elections begin on apr 7 and result on may 16-

    07                       16

    18..                      19

    It could create either 20 or 29 and finally 31 with Mon. The beginning date and result date have few striking features-

    – 70 Or 20 is defeat symptom for 7, 2. Kejriwal’ birth date is 7, BJP are 2.

    – Result date destiny is 19….Rahul Gandhi’ birth date is exact 19. This could mean a powerful point.

    – Both, beginning and result dates add to 7….kejriwal birth date number adds to 7.

    – Result date has an initial total in 35….direct support for 31 – congress.

    – Final pattern, with fri, becomes 41…  Modi full name is 41.

    – And his destiny number is 32 or 5. There is the gap of 9….it could create problems [not sure].


    Overall, Major weakness for BJP because of 20, direct support for Congress and Rahul. Confusing matchings for Kejriwal and Modi.

    Out of 543, the seats win could be-

    Congress- 250

    AAP- 79

    BJP- 175, 215

    Who will win the PM elections is not appearing simple. Will any 4th party steal the show?

    ‘Anti-Secularism’ is not the major threat for India, muslims are never the minority/suppressed. They have been enjoying the ‘Monopoly’ status at the expense of others in all the major businesses of India –

    film industry. cricket, unrestricted child births, nudity…..dozen others.

    Even, we are not solely crushing under the wrath of ‘corruptions and scams….kejriwal is wasting time and energy in exposing things.

    ‘These news channels, media, opinion polls and leaders are always misguiding. They create ads that show things exclusively in their favor, Numerology is not revealing such ‘Modi’ tide or ‘Gandhi’ benefits or common AAP.



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