IPL 7 Matches Astrology Hints

  • cricket insect hd
  • cricket insect hd

    Ipl 2014 cricket matches will surely follow its own ‘match fixing’ rules like its previous seasons. Still, we can provide all matches predictions/hints based on ‘my’ methods of astrology. Welcome and enjoy it….

    16- 1st batting lagna conjunct moon….seems powerful.

    1st batting seems better.

    17 – 2nd batting lagna sharply trined by sun- powerful…

    2nd batting seems better.

    18- 1st batting getting strong aspect from mercury [in fast motion] via gulikyan – nice. 2nd batting lagna conjunct mars..but sun antiscion falling on mars – combust defect….

    2nd- 2nd batting lagna squared by maa- weakness. Since moon is conjunct lagna…things could be different.

    19- 1st batting lagna partile squared by moon….powerful…[lagna is sun rashi, so moon will get combust?]. 2nd lagna partile aspected by mars and venus- powerful.

    2nd batting seems better.

    20 – 2nd lagna sharply aspected by both, moon and sun…..could create problems….

    1st batting seems better.

    21- 1st lagna sharply on spica, powerful. 2nd lagna might fall on gulikya kaalam dosha.

    1st batting seems better.

    22- 2nd batting lagna and jupiter in partile degrees- power. while gulikya kaalam dosha is present in 1st, visha dosha in 2nd lagna.

    23- 2nd batting lagna navamsa has moon in 10th house..i.e. MC seems powerful

    2nd batting seems better.

    24 – 1st batting partile conjunct sat…strong. 2nd batting lagna and jupiter in close degrees….nice. Yet, lagna lord mars is getting conjunct sun severely….combust defect?

    25- 4pm – 2nd batting lagna conjunct rahu [often indicates huge targets to chase]…powerful. But, sun aspecting it mildly…forming 13…weakness.

    8pm- 2nd batting lagna conjunct sat yet aspected by moon- bad.


    4pm- 2nd batting lagna conjunct ketu antiscion- defeat symptom,,,

    8pm – 1st batting lagna sharply aspected by venus, yet squared by gulikyan- power with weakness. 2nd lagna sharply conjunct moon antiscion – powerful,

    apr 28 rcb vs punj

    1st batting  lagna partile conjunct venus antiscion- powerful. 2nd batting lagna sharply conjunct maa- severe weakness.

    1st batting winning chances.

    apr 29

    1st batting is getting connected with venus – natal as well as navamsa…powerful….

    2 may- 1st batting lagna trined by ucha venus via maa-strong. 2nd batting lagna has ucha mercury in 10th house- fast pace/scoring. But, venus in square. Lagna is jupiter rashi…and venus its enemy. So, downfall/defeat.

    3 may 4pm- 1st batting lagna aspected by ucha venus and square by moon. Yet, sun’ antiscion falling on lagna might make them combust…ruin things. 2nd lagna conjunct rahu- rahu make winner.


    may 7  dd vs kkr

    1st batting lagna conjunct mars [mars antiscion falling on its own rashi- hence strong]. 2nd batting lagna aspected by its own lord venus from its ucha rashi- powerful….

    may 8

    1st lagna has moon in MC- powerful….


    may 10

    4pm- 1st batting lagna conjunt mars – strong. 2nd batting lagna has rashi lord venus antision inside it…venus is exalted too….powerful…

    may 11

    4pm- 1st batting lagna conjunct ketu antiscion- defeat symptoms.


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