IPL 7 Post Matches Analysis – Numerology

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    Everything is not lost if you failed to get our predictions on time before the match. You can increase your knowledge by knowing the real numerology behind each match results….

    apr 16- mi vs kkr     [post match analysis at around 11 pm]

    The matrix total is 34..or 7. Gambhir’ destiny is 25/7…   When 34 becomes 35…or 8, it matches with Rohit sharma’ dob plus destiny = 62 or 8.

    But, 35/8 and wed/5 forms 4….As we know, 4 modifies 8.

    And wed plus 34/7 forms 57….KKR are exactly 57.

    apr 17- dd vs rcb

    Many were expecting to claim the power of DD triggered by new client/captain Dinesh karthik… expecting score in his numbers…6?

    The matrix can take at the most 145 [as predicted by us]. Number 1 is lucky for both- kohli [dob in 5] and karthik [dob in 1]…

    Target 2, though matching with DD in 7…can’t count [legally] because…it is beyond matrix….

    Karthik birth matrix is subject to reversal…forms 00 and 31..i.e. 36/31. No wonder, nothing related with his original 1/30 would work.

    His DK adds to 6…which fails with 3..thu is 3.

    Apr 18

    By this time you might have learnt that 18 is not counted as 9, its role is that of 0. So, the winning number of this match was never going to a 9, but 7 [hence, had hinted score in 7].

    Already hinted the importance of 62 in stock market section…and the target comes 206.

    Sehwag makes debut in punj with jersey number 319?

    But yes, one brother in 9 [csk] obviously helps his brother 9 [bailey] in need…that what is giving them bread and butter!

    Numerologists might try to fool the innocent public by highlighting day number 9….punj dipped in red..[red lucky for 9]….

    Besides match fixing forming the base for this massive win by punj, matrix is 44..or 8. And bailey’ matrix being 43…can easily become 53 or 8 and match with it.

    No role of 9 or red…because..score was 7, target 8… [if 9 had played any role, the score or target would have been in 9..or at least 3,6 series].

    The biggest question is – How did SC allow this fraud dhoni brigade csk [because catches were intentionally dropped] to play or even watch ipl?

    Srh vs rr

    Matrix is 44 [with fri] Srh are 55…. [equals] hence, predicted score was 134. yes. While score 133 has a ok destiny of watson – 33, it has the destiny number of dhawan 31 in reverse order.

    Apr 19

    Matrix is subject to reversal, forming 11 and 29…rendering it unfit for rohit and karthik [to some/major extent]..The original matrix strongly favored them.

    Expected target in mi vs rcb was the 62 pattern [rohit’ matrix total pattern]. The score in 7,  came in 115 [ digits interchange of 151]…

    And target in 26 pattern…11  6.

    Rcb won by 7….  So, here..original date 19/1 and destiny 21/3 were not the key number…but 7 and 8. Rcb won by 7 wkt 15 balls remaining…i.e. 76….26 pattern.

    Kkr vs dd

    Same 26 pattern effective here in the form of 16  6…or 76

    Almost same logics apply here too….matrix reversal… Here, karthik’ matrix is also subject to reversal…since both are moving….  it could be dd…..[hopes are alive]

    Apr 20

    Our concept for today’ match was –  even after chain modifications, matrix is giving 43 repeatedly- which is not the resolved pattern. The matrix might tend to vanish the 0….becoming 2/31…forming the simpler 25 pattern.

    And the score comes 191/5…i.e.  2/5. Earlier, in Ashes series i had said 25 takes 21….the target is 192 [210 was hinted seeing 1st wkt pattern.

    This 190 above numbers are always tricky…keeping aside wicket 5….191 becomes 180…Bailey’ destiny is 36.

    Again, RR toiled hard [like csk that day] to help Punj win…They helped Maxwell to hit ‘6s’ and ‘4s’ as per the needs of punj.

    And, ah yes…the wides…so many…just to give maxwell the missed 2nd opportunities to hit 6s.

    Here, it is interesting that bailey’ birth date is 7…..numerology gave them 7 in defeat form…191/5….29/5 …i.e. 79…hmmm

    Dhawal kulkarni, the main helper….has birth date in 10…[today is sun/1 and date 20]….highly matching. And destiny 30…  [adding to the cheater number 40]

    RR too are 40!

    Match fixings failed to hide the real things..not even a single one. Punj makes 193/3…again…79…and 193 is 160 OOPS!

    Apr 21

    matrix has a 21 -attracting 25 and a 14 attracting 14 [csk are 25….14]. Did you note- matrix is subject to reversal..become 25/11?

    If it happens, then 36….  and karthik is 36 /31…..The success/failure theory would come into operation [explained in our ebook matrix numerology.

    As hinted, everything in 25 and 11….i.e. 7 and 11. Also, 25 has excess of 5…that too.

    1st wkt at 23 runs, 2nd wkt at 77 [amazing mix of 7 and 11]. And runs scored by batsmen in 11 patterns- 29,56…

    score comes 177/7….haha…too much of 7/11! Even 122/2….5/2. Target in 178….adding to 16 [25-9], hidden 128…11.

    Original 177=6 can’t count, i guess, because…matrix total is 8 and with mon the 36 one – 11.

    6 is absent, not a logical explanation…..

    Again, the winning luck would not come for karthik or dhoni from date 21/ target 6…. The real number is 11!

    Once again, our concept worked bang on…..25/11 forming the strong base for Dhoni in birth date 7, destiny 33….[master numbers indicates things].

    DK….in 42…fails severely on date 21……. [we always warn the use of 6 on/for 3]. 42/21 is more bad because it resembles the pattern too….


    Apr 22

    matrix is 37 and with teu has the tendency to form 32 0……weak for 5….Shikhar dhawan birth date is 5. 

    Target comes 194!

    Apr 23

    Today’ destiny is 16…or 7, matching Dhoni’ birth date 7. Interesting thing was that wed [i.e. 5] and date 23 [again 5] are best lucky numbers for 4 [rr are 4].

    Both, watson and dhoni have destiny numbers in 33. So, the target 141 [6] could have been lucky for rr too. Then?

    1st wkt was in 6 and 10 pattern…i.e. 16..i.e. 7- dhoni.

    Apr 24

    As hinted in the stock market section, today’ matrix is reversed forming 22/14 pattern…and more. It is interesting…..

    Gambhir’ birth date is exactly 14…. and rcb manages…14 8/5 [the pattern hinted was 22 14]

    Exclusive predictiction…just for you guys [incl score from both sides]!

    Apr 25

    As hinted in score prediction, general – 133… srh vs dd 1st wkt comes in 33 and 22 pattern, adding to 55…Srh are exactly 55.

    Specific score had to be 184….Not only the first innings, dd managed only 180/4.

    Kevin’ matrix total is 43, exactly today matrix. But, with fri…7 adds to 4… defeat symptoms. Had used the same hint in few matches last dec…

    DD lost by 4 runs….

    We have already gifted the powerful technique  to all- fow concept…. We needn’t bother to tell hints anymore, users themselves calculate the winning team!


    Csk vs mi

    As hinted in score prediction 133/6…  [dhoni birth and destiny pattern is 76]. Here, the actual one came 6/7…i.e. 76…

    target itself was 142  [133 plus 9] i.e. 7- Dhoni’ birth date.

    2nd wkt [losing team] came in 23 and 19….Rohit’ destiny 32. Earlier, kevin [destiny 32] faced defeat.

    In this match, MI helped csk to win, from all the quarters – scored minimum, dropped catches, missed run outs. Fixing is visible to naked eyes…..

    Still, the matrix had csk’ win chances….and they win [supported by fixing too].

    Rohit’ destiny is 3 and the score came in 6 [3 fails with 6].


    Apr 26

    matrix has the tinge of 02/31 pattern…adding to 33. Today is sat….. Watson’ destiny is 33, dob 17.

    Just yesterday, i added few more maths concepts related with 17…and exactly the same …came in score.

    2nd wkt [losing team] in 11 pattern…kohli [because his dob 5 plus destiny 33 adds to 38…i.e. 11].  Number 11 signals bad/dull stuffs….no wonder…only 70.

    The same 11 went on to become 70!

    As expected since many days, RR ..      [but yes, the game looked highly awkward – the ‘crore’ players falling like a pack without that much mismatch]

    RR wins by 6 runs 42 balls remaining…66…again the 11 effect coming from the tinge pattern.


    We know that 18 stands for 0. And we need to multiply 54 by 2 to get 18. And double all the figures.

    Today’ original matrix is 45 [9 short of 54]. Sat and 54 forms 8 54. We multiply by 2.

    8 54 becomes 16 0    [thats why i had hinted at 168]. Now, we had added an extra 9 earlier. We deduct 9 from 16…and get 70!

    Kkr vs punj

    sehwag, with unlucky jersey number…once again….fails once again. 18 or 9 should be strictly avoided by persons affected by 2 [his birth date is 20].

    The modified matrix effect 2/31….comes in score…132/9    [9 leads to interchange of order of digits…left becomes right, vice versa].

    Isn’t it interesting?  The destiny 1 which was a strong support for 5 [gambhir’ birth date 14, kohli 5] vanished to form 2/31 adding to 33.

    Bailey’ birth date is 7, destiny 36….completely matching with the new pattern.

    The score came 6, unlucky for kkr 3. Target 7 couldn’t count.

    Apr 27

    When there is a 7, it tends to change often…we get multiple patterns.. the master numbers might show up some ways…11, 22…

    Matrix total is 47…becoming 52 and with sun forms 521…score comes 125.  The wicket 6, with split / is forming 8/6…i.e.  5…  Kevin’ destiny is 23/5…and rohit’ 32….   defeat for 5.

    I had kept 6 wkts in prediction with a purpose….. the calculations had pointed that it was going to decide the winning team…

    Score 125/6

    5216 = 52   16…    extract 27 from 52….leaving 25. Again, extract 18…leaving 7.     7 =29 adding to kevin’ birth date 11.

    We had extracted 27 plus 18 = 45.

    Number 16 takes 32 [and 61….23].

    shifting 45 to 16….we get 16 + 45 = 61…..   lucky for 23……kevin’ destiny is 23!


    Csk vs srh

    One of the score hint in today was 150/6….   i.e.  30…  and double of 145/5…      54  15…is nearly 30.

    Srh are 1….and the score comes 1  45….1 9…..defeat symptoms…

    Here, few imp points –

    date 27 is not pure form of 9

    the pattern is 20…hence…9 plays the secondary part. So, nobody should say that csk in 9 won on date 27/9.  The score in 1/target 2 clearly points it out….

    Apr 28

    Today matrix has the pattern 38 18… directly suitable for bailey… score came 124/8 The 7/8 [the 7 not getting killed by 8 because of 4].

    I added this ‘fake’ hint in jackpot list today morning…. [fake because it is not based directly on destiny but yes the destiny derived after modification – 38 18]

    If i not incorrect, fraud was attempted [38 hints at this]…but failed badly….Kohli really sad after long days.

    apr 29

    today matrix might form 23/10…….or 30/21…..

    Both effective…latter one more…  21 takes 25..no wonder, score is 15  2/5…..25 15

    1st wkt in 15 pattern….this number indicates neutral things….tied matches.

    Why i had kept rr in jackpot section? Date 29 adds to 11…master number ..directly matching watson’ destiny 33.

    As said, 1st wkt came in 15…6. [that doest count in tied matches much]. Again super over score came 11… watson!

    Target came 12… in reverse order of gambhir’ destiny 25/21 combo…defeat.

    Apr 30

    Inconsistencies found in the mi vs srh match. Matrix is 44..which could change to 55….srh are 55, score came 172/5…122/5..or 5/5.

    The 1st wkt and 2nd wkt patterns strongly suggest that the original result have been manipulated and reversed in later parts-

    1st wkt 66 or 12…rohit’ birth date is 30.

    2nd wkt [losing team] in 16 and 15 adding to exactly dhawan’ destiny number 31.

    The various phases of match itself looked unnatural and fishy. The fow suggest that MI were to win the match, but was later fixed in favor srh.

    May 2

    unlucky remains unlucky. matrix total 7 is getting killed by fri [adding to 4].

    kkr are 57 or 52 9= 61

    score came 148/3… 43 18 =61 [if we ignore /]


    May 3

    today matrix can flex to become 5/13….   and the total 36/54  creates the 0 instead of 9…….

    The 54 version has come into operation….and sat too….exactly like that day,…doubling needed….8 54…16 9…

    the wkt in both innings /5 validates the flex….

    With 5/13 pattern…..MI becomes lucky because rohit’ destiny is 32 or 5. And total 62/8.

    dd vs rr

    sat and matrix forming 80 and 70….  rr are 40, matching. DD are 7….

    watson is 17/33…..or  12/33…and the target comes 153 [as predicted-exactly].

    may 4

    matrix destiny is 16- it creates multiple effects because it adds to 7. This sometimes creates changing numbers [7]..or 9.

    Its only that dhawan’ destiny 31 takes 62…. and score comes 11/6…2/6.

    matrix with 4 changes to 5…

    16… 156…

    May 5

    score comes 170…anti- watson’ birth date… honesty says rr’ defeat. But, rr are top order match fixers….so…we can’t be ever sure.

    This point 17 0 has remarkably exposed the fraud/match fixing done by RR. Even it was visible to naked eyes- the fake wkt fall of kkr. This has now been reported to investigators.

    csk vs dd

    kevin’ birth date is 11 and destiny 23/5. Score comes 178/5….or 128/5  i.e. 11/5   with the /.

    may 6

    matrix and teu might form 5/28……..


    may 7

    csk vs punj

    wed and matrix forming strange pattern-

    57                  42

    19…..            19

    190 + 42= 232.    I didn’t attempt this line today afternoon…..missed it.


    It is noteworthy that 1st wkt was in 38 pattern…and punj win by 44 runs. These two numbers often indicate at criminal activities…strongly.

    World famous tricksters have these type of numbers. Once again, as always, IPL goes fake?

    May 8

    Though it might appear date is 8, the actual matrix is reversible forming –



    and unclear 31 effect…

    As said, target comes in 9  [00 adds to 36, 135 resembles it!]

    134/9  becomes 13 59/9  or  135 /18…   13 plus 18    5…….  31 5. Dhawan is 5 …31.


    May 9

    Sehwag fails yet again…..   jersey 18/9 is bad for persons born on 2. Even his initials were highly unlucky today..

    VS –  63….it represents downfall number.

    Its is as if these numbers are holding him back from natural success. Today, 9 is not free in the matrix. It is 91…

    May 10

    matrix has the effect of both 13 and 31…hence unattractive scores…   While srh virtual score came 42   [13  2]…  , csk gets the 67 effect [and many other effects]…

    number 38 [2 times ] in 2nd wkt hints at fraud committed in the match………


    May 11

    Today matrix has the dual nature 14. As per concepts, it simply adds to 5…when needed. Then the matrix form 17 with sun…

    And it attracts 57 naturally….   kkr.

    Based on 17, i had calculated score 149….  but for safety….opted for gambhir’ destiny 25…..  151…  [even that comes in kkr score 150/1]



    As hinted, number 38 indicates fraud.  2nd wkt 38….yuvraj…83  in 38 balls…   Generally 40 and 8 denotes fraud….

    1st wkt….4 runs 9 balls…   49

    2nd wkt  19 and 25 …total  44. This number, especially, indicative of criminal activities….  Nupur talwar is affected by 44…..


    May 12

    It was a simple task. As hinted in stock market section…matrix is forming 29 with mon [wealth number]. And MI are 38.

    Concepts do matter a lot. Many might wrongly take this win as date 12…matching rohit’ birth date 30…   [not even today’ destiny 15.]..

    The actual hint i retained was the number 8   [rohit’ birth 30 plus destiny 32]…  its various forms..  53, 62…

    Score came 15 7…………62          [not 3 or 6]

    12                 12

    15……            6


    While rohit’ total 62 is in total form [it can twist and match 26], dhawan’ destiny 31 can’t twist/turn and match 26 [13].


    May 13

    Simple destiny based stuff provided in jackpot section. Score by rr came 148  [as predicted]. csk makes 149/5….  totalling 154  [also provided[…

    148 adding to 4  is getting killed by /8….  common numerologists might haven’t grasped it.


    May 14

    As hinted in morning [stock section], matrix section 47 might form 25…and it form so ….srh scores 205.  The 1st wkt came in 20/23 adding to 43 [bailey’ total number].

    Kkr vs mi

    A slight variation comes… 14/17 becomes 14/12….    [17 turns into 12]….  Target comes 142…  too plain….

    The 25 pattern [gambhir’ destiny 25]…

    The hinted score 1  75….1 42


    The numerologist provided 24 jersey number to Yusuf…. simply fooled him…the matrix already has 25 , supported gambhir’ destiny 25


    May 15

    Another hint provided in jackpot section [destiny based]….worked ok. Its not great because cheating too was applied on it to create ‘extra runs’…. and in turn win by huge margin….jump up in position with high net run rate.

    1st wkt came in 19/14…adding to 33 [watson’ destiny 33].

    And it came at 44 runs – the criminal number…  the point indicating serious crime committed by rr…  Obviously, in the matter of extra scores and fake huge margin….

    Numbers 4 and 8 represent the usual crime numbers. Besides the 44, dd’ score halted at 139….4.  And rr wins by 62 runs….this is the main fake thing…the thing rr needed to get net run rate….

    62……adds to 8.  This confirms the crime created because watson’ 17 never legally take number 26 form….


    May 18

    Matrix is 39..and  1st wkt came in 9/15 or 6 pattern ..it showed genuine thing…  2nd wkt in 5 pattern…So, score was to come in 5, target in 6…as predicted by me earlier.

    BUT, the score has been manipulated …clearly…because 96 represents attractive scores…not 138… FIXING done again in score…

    Destiny 21 takes 25… [hence the hint 165]..   and it came 14 2/52. And kkr scores 146/3 or 149 [as hinted].


    May 19

    matrix is forming unstable 43 with mon today….  34/35….or simply 25/26…


    may 20

    sammy is 20/26….or 2/44…..    1st wkt came in 44 pattern. 2nd wkt in 14…20….or 5/29….kohli pattern…  honesty says srh win…..

    may 21

    matrix is subject to reversal…..   11/25….    creating 306 and 401 with wed….   0 stands for 18….

    The attempt to create a fake score in 150 plus range has infact made it unfit for MI….  156/8…  3/8…   mi are 38…and the split……

    1st wkt in 17/11 pattern was enough to point 2 things-

    – fraud would be done somewhere/someway…  [17/8 indicates cheatings]..

    – 17/11….  or 82…  or  12/11…    [because 25  of 11-25 takes 21]…   32…Rohit’ destiny 32…

    So, again a fixed kind of match where score was artificially made to restrict at rohit’ birth date 3….  [to hide fixings]…

    But the wkt 8, creating 3/8 [the fraud number]… has exposed all their tricks…


    may 23

    today matrix is changeable…. 23/17 becomes 22/31…..   things would show dual nature…

    May 24

    Just today morning, we provided our magical fall of wickets based prediction book pdf free…  it created history within few hours.

    In kkr match, 1st wkt came in 4/2… i.e. 42.  The score prediction had the hint…it was 159. It was because…kkr are 3… and 69……03.

    KKR are 57… becoming…  42. I had solved a match in similar way last month…


    May 25

    Yesterday only, i had suggested jersey number 25 for yusuf pathan [whose matrix adds to 47]. And today it got validated in punj vs dd 1st wkt…  in 25 pattern.

    And 2nd wkt came in 13/7……or 47 pattern.

    Number 47, as explained by me, is unstable and it tends to become 25.

    Mi vs rr

    1st wkt in 8/18….or 80…    and score comes 189…[as predicted]. Honesty says rr defeat…..  because watson is 8…and the 0…. indicates defeat…

    It is to be seen whether it has been fixed in favor of rr?

    while score came 189, mi score came in a varied style of predicted score 155……..195/5…


    May 27

    today matrix is typical….27/21….adding to 57 [with teu].

    21 and 57 have one thing in common.  21 attracts 25, and 57 turns into 52  [7 -2 effect]…..


    may 28

    matrix has a tinge of 14-15…so, it could become


    23…adding to 51……  56… As predicted, the target comes in 11…matching gambhir’ destiny 7.

    csk vs mi ….again…the 51 turns true…  number 6 came from no where….  1st wkt  39/33…  dhoni destiny 33.   And 2nd wkt [losing team]…20/10….adding to rohit’ birth date 30…


    may 30

    matrix seems to be anti 36-



    While bailey’ destiny is exactly 36, csk are 63………

    Somewhere in the middle of the match, the 0 might sum up with 35…..and form-


    13…….    punj team is 5  and 6 and 5……      like the finale date 1/14….15

    Jupiter is partile in 8th house of 1st batting….weakness.

    Last year, dhoni has done match fixing [in exchange of lump sum amt] in favor of MI..lets see, whats in store today…

    As hinted, the ‘fixing’ stuff is in full swing…..  sehwag batting good from no where… Those who don’t know, let me tell you…..

    when the matrix total matches with one’ birth month,…it indicates failure on that date…… [the genuine things]…  and today total is 45…or 9….Sehwag birth month oct 20…is 9…

    So, created stuff….without any slightest doubt.

    Isn’t it a miracle, our concepts….?  sehwag scores 122 run= 5…..in      58 balls= 13…..

    13 takes 26…..and score has 2 26…

    As we always say… 4 changes 5….       matrix 45…becomes 55….and with fri 6….61…    The artificial/fake score comes 226/6….or   6   226……  61.

    Dhoni, as most of the times, intentionally plays bad…..a part of match fixing….  And the ‘zero’ being made hero  [sehwag]….by fixing.

    Everything predicted accurately when match started….. the real matrix 5/13….   adding to 18….matching bailey’ destiny 36  [our matrix concept].

    The fraud which is going to be committed…  sehwag’ fake role.

    The real matrix today… 5/13 [predicted by us so early]…  would clearly exposes the falseness of jersey number fundas

    [sehwag’ 18, vohra’ 45 etc.. matching todays date in 3, destiny 6]… ..because…the actual matrix is 5/13… no date destiny in 3, 6…..


    june 1

    As hinted in morning post, as expected from IPL……    one more match fixing. PROOF- read the lines below carefully.

    KKR are 57…..and 5 takes 1……          1st wkt came in exactly 7/10…adding to 17…..[matching 57…..nothing else].

    Bailey’ destiny is 36……  pattern 12….  2nd wkt [losing team] comes in exactly 1/2…pattern.

    NUMBER 8 denotes criminal activities….. match fixings. 1st wkt in 17 itself hinted at it….

    Tampering with score….artificial score/target created….

    1st and 2nd wkt creates the score……

    17 and 12…….means only….129….  192 or 201….     Score was artificially restricted to 199…

    Our concept work again [from where did a 17 come when matrix/sunday was 16?]….14 tends to become 15…[4 being an unstable number tends to become 5]…   then the matrix automatically gets increased by 1….

    1/14 becomes 1/15 = 16. And adding sun or 1 to it….  comes number 17…    kkr in 57…matching… it shows up in 1st wkt details…..validating our concepts…..


    Fall of wickets predicts the match winner

    Our famous ‘fall of wickets’ based prediction concept..now downloadable in pdf format free.

    contact us now!



  • 130 thoughts on “IPL 7 Post Matches Analysis – Numerology

    1. I too predicted KKR , Gambhir had destiny in 7, and vital number (day number was 7) and another 9 (vital number) which fall into the 3 series. so full support for KKR.

      • 164 becomes 165 [4-5]…or 75…..kkr are exactly 57. I had attempted similar yet weak score….157… 1 57. Could have arrived at exact numbers if i had thought that way.

        The 25k client made a neat profit of 5.5 lac yesterday. Happy news…..

        • these things happen only one time, one should never attempt it multiple times…i have warned him. I had analysed nearly 20 jackpot kind of predictions…but too much risky for ordinary clients…

          Those who have many crores to spare can attempt in thousands and gain in lacs… they could suffer loss in lacs too [the spare crore would come to their rescue then]

    2. Beta agr tmhe prasant ki prediction chahiye to iski wahi lost follow kr kyoki ye sirf logo ko chutiya hi banata h isliye isne pahle sabhi ko apni list show kri or jab sabne dekh li tab usse hide kr diya agar wo list galat hai to usse hide hi kyo ki?? Or agr wo list sahi h to usse pahle show hi kyo ki thi

    3. exclussive prediction!!!!! hahaha. u should to do for someone who losses for ur fake list. u should tke punishment fron ur soul. plz dnt more

      • I posted the correct hint at correct time…free. All earned 50,000 from 5000 from the hint. I have myself told beforehand -the list is fake. Nobody can earn from our predictions this year unless we allow it [like yesterday].

      • that might have been told to them….yes. but not the real reason. Sat matched with his 17..and destiny 33 with 2/31….total 33…. Date/destiny today was never to be counted…it was getting modified.

        And as usual….match fixing strongly prevalent right from ball 1….both the matches………

    4. Todays Game was tough to predict, I sense some fraud in today’s game. I had predicted MI due to RS’s day numbr 3 but on the other side Dhawan had 5, and today’s 5

      • the thugs are taking refuge in these kinds of stuffs- kp method, colors. No astrological position leads to 5 wkts fall in 6 runs… the method of getting out itself looked highly artificial. The players were themselves attempting to get out, to make rr win as per the deal.

      • I have been following cricket since 1992….almost 22 years. And i know each and every details of bowling and batting techniques. It is quite easy to spot the frauds…

        – when the batsmen are getting out artificially,
        – when the bowlers are allowing easy runs/6s to opposite teams,
        – when the players are facing tough times due to natural factors/when they are just pretending tough times….

        the same planets were ruling since 1992…. the cricket never looked so fake those days…. it has become corrupt/unnatural quite recently….

        • You know how Watson triggered the collapse? I noticed that the day destiny is 17 = 8,highly matches Watson. Wouldn’t be that reason he played so well? He also scored a good 30 in the middle. Watson date of Birth is 17. Although I agree with you Cricket these days is highly corrupted.

        • I did some research that 9 in target was unlucky for KKR’s 3. and Watson’s destiny of 6 , is also unlucky for KKR … the reason that KKR lost both the games to RR

        • The 0 in 170 indicates defeat for watson…. and it remains unexplained….. The biggest mystery is- ipl 7 beginning date is 7/18…how is rr winning matches so comfortably…nothing matching for watson…17/33… [18 means only 0, not 9].

    5. but who does the target favor more? 171 = 9 is clearly not matching anyone bang on. that could be interesting as well.

        • would 0 nullify the effect of 17 ? cause when 8 and 8 matches together its bad, then comes in 0 , it may have nullified the defeat, who knows.

        • but why are you defending their fraud? it is crystal clear that rr had won by cheating. last year too, they entered semi by resorting to match fixing only…..

        • Dude I am no way supporting fraud, I am only supporting my Team RR. and collapses like this can happen! don’t u remember that great Pakistan collapse? That doesnt mean its fixing. I am sure Watto is against fixing, he wuld never do that. Unless KKR is fixing then be it.

        • yes but….170 means defeat for 17…watson. And see today.. punj’ win was predicted but…not this way… 1st wkt 38 and win by 44 runs reveals the criminal side of today’ match…

        • yes today I also expected a close match, with KXIP winning closely. But KXIp side had the effect of two 7s, which cancelled each others effect, cause on a given a 7 and a 7 matching is bad, i think . And MSD had only 1 7 supporting him.(not counting the month ) Since KXIP = 7, and Baley day number is 7. I think thats what caused the dominance, but there could also be some fraud done. Since, MSD didnt even try to hit a boundary.

        • yesterday was wed…5. that was the main point. punj have double 5 in their inner name… the score target too had double 5s… 232.. 23 32. I had attempted 155..

          some paranormal forces are assisting punj and rr. their wins, scores, balling, batting look unnatural….often…..

        • I think I figured out the mystery behind it. Eliminator is 3rd and 4th place right.. and the Eliminator match date is May 28th.. which adds up to 40. matching RR bang on! Hence the reason why its attracting RR tremendously. also never letting RR go to #2 or 1 position. ever since the start RR is consistent on #3 and 4 only once they were on place 5th.

        • kingston ji….aaj ka bhi uss din ki tarah….score 89…..aur target 9…….. ab ya to vo nakli tha….ya aaj… kyuki…. srh are 1….. nothing to do with 8 or 9…

          even dhawan…. 5……31/4…… watson is directly 8…..

        • pata nahi lekin SRH = 10, and today day destiny 20 . doubling the numerolgy causes defeat? or day number 8 and 8 causes defeat? FOW to aslee tha.. matching SRH or RR .

        • i had hinted…matrix reversal….00 28.. the destiny 28 matches srh 1…and the real point – dhawan’ 5…. they win by 32 runs…

          still,….not clean….

    6. aur lenkin tumne toh kaha tha astro anaylsis par.. ki batting first is powerful… so probably why SRH has more luck

        • bro today was no fraud, RR has excellent numbers favoring them. 11 day number attracts Watto’s destiny of 33 and his jersey number 33. also Faulkner is lucky in this ground, he scored the fastest Aussie 100 on this ground. I had KKR and RR predicted.

        • to add further more on Yuvi’s wicket 83 = 11, and 38 = 11 matches day number 11. And Steve Smith Day number was 2 . so Faulkner’s . further more the home ground Bangalore is (2). matching those to perfect with success Also FOW weren’t strange at all . Samson wicket was 13 = 4 hinting RR. Nair’s wicket 56 = 11 today number, matching Watto in 33. even Rahane 24 = 6 matching Watson ‘s 6 3+3 = 6. so how is this fraud?

        • But….number 38 creates bad contents… if not..then illegal/fraudulant contents…. no other explanations can cancel this fraud point 38… yuvraj was the main fraud link…

          the match was going to be won by rr only… because of matrix 17… but..fake high score was created to change the rates..increase it manifold.

        • No batting techniques in this world could legally give 120 runs in 48. The bowler need to be bribed to deliver such balls..because even a novice bowler doesnt bowl such badly…

          If you bowl low, below the knee level…and that too…full length… how could any batsman hit a 6? And even a gully cricketer could bowl low and full… he can’t commit mistakes for 48 balls…

        • The ground was so small, and the pressure was a lot. It can also effect the bowler’s mental abilities. This is why a lot of our good bowlers become so bad this days.

    7. Today, my theory was 149 = 14 target coming in reverse order of Watson destiny of 41.. could that be the reason to ?

      • ye kaun fool hai jo ragini mms 2 wiki mey baar baar main section mey ‘major commercial success’ likhte rehta hai? film se commercial expectations above 100 cr thhe..only from ind… because of sunny leone porn status…

        ab ek film ko 1 cr mey bana lega koi….sirf usme ek room mey undressing/kissing scenes rahega..bed mey uchalne ka… hype create karke 30 cr earn karlega… to vo major commercial success ho gaya?

        budget 1 cr…collection 30 cr…i.e. 3000 % ….so it has beaten Titanic records…kamaal hai..


      • main baat hai ki agar film ka numerology acha hai..to public dil se use like karte hai…collection naturally high rahega. isme viewers ney na sunny leone ko pasand kiya, na acting ..na sexuality…na story…direction…nothing.. sab aaj bhi mazaak uda rahe hai…

        matlab movie title /release date numerology were defective…it failed to create genuine public liking. Aur collections to minimum hue. Leone ko 5 mins k video k liye kitna kitna crores milta hai…

        • nahi…sab jagah fraudulant activities faila hua hai… New clients ko success story/cases dikhane k liye wiki mey jhoot likhne lagenge sab to duniya kahan jayega?

          Jo clean way mey successful raha…usme shaan se likho…koi problem nahi. Ab raone, jism 2, ragini mms 2, faltu, yaariyan etc jaise super flop film ka status wiki mey aisa nakli rahega…to ache film unke saamne acha kaise lagega?

          darr, baazigar, mohra, ddlj, maine pyaar kiya, saajan, khalnayak jaise real hits [publicly liked films] ka wiki page to ragini se feeka lag raha hai. Ye kaisa nakli article hai?

    8. so how come Mumbai didnt do good this season. I heard it was that UAE was highly unlucky for them. cause Rohit has nice numbers too.

        • but dude Today Watto wasn’t playing FInal score came in Steve Smith’s jersey number 139 = 49.. and won by 62 runs which is 8, smiths destiny is 35 = 8 .. and also 44 = 8 smith destiny number

        • then more crime committed… what is this foolish logic….jersey number coming in score? 35 never legally takes 62… the whole event seems to be made look like steve’ numbers… but..not genuine…

          today…matrix is 36… score came 201/6….. 3/6… so, target 202 can’t count…. the legal things…

          it is noteworthy that 1st wkt came in 33…watson… his birth/destiny.. 17/33… 21/6….201/6…. the active captain today was watson only…not smith… The match was prepared purely beforehand….

        • Then Agarwal wouldnt have played with a strike rate of 170… and that Run out would’ve also been appealed of Kp’s

    9. today seemed suspicious in CSK match. I think MSD just awarded the Kohli a win… not that MSD took money, but felt bad for Kohli probably.

        • nahi ji…. aaj ka mey 11/25…ka effect hai… matrix reversal… share market exhibited the same… date 21, destiny 15…total 36…all wealth numbers…. and final total 41…strengthened by wed…

          but..nothing were to show effect… the real numbers were 11/25… there were downfall, red zones and swings only…

          Hence, bailey 36 was vanishing…

        • The secret point was that MI were going to win NOT because of date 21…matching with Rohit’ birth date 30…nor today destiny 15… but because of 11/25 effect…

          1st wkt itself revealed the 11…

    10. Today wicket pattern showing 9, 7 , and then 40.. so at first it favoring Punjab, and now RR.. seems strange stuff going on.

      • It was not the good results of 24, ofcourse…. kkr’ entry into semi finals had been openly hinted in bold letters… during the ipl start itself… rcb was the hidden csk… and srh…. or mi.. because of 11 pattern.

      • And that stream is working for kkr. Few players have been selected/sponsored as special players in that lucky semi entry…. utthapa and yusuf. They would exclusively be provided easy bowling to score high… And the whole matter would be hided by saying…its the effect of 24, 23, 37..etc…

        72/22 has obviously been created for pathan. Real lucky numbers don’t need the support of ‘fixed’ easy bowlings… The same yusuf will never do good in normal/genuine matches….

    11. Also, not sure if you noticed or any thing, but like I said before that Eliminator date total is 40, which attracted Dhoni and RR like a magnet! . no wonder why KKR won so dominating today pushing CSK down. just a thought.

      • pata nahi…iss baar numerologist ka loyalty kiss taraf hai? year is 7 and matrix destiny 9…..so, 9-7= 2…. MI [2] should have been on the 4th spot…. Thats the genuine numerology…. ab fixing karke kya hoga…i don’t know.. and m not liable for change in results due to frauds…..

      • aajkal ka news reports related with films comical rehta hai. Ek tha tiger had strong opening…30 cr… now heropanti has strong opening 6 cr.. and 2nd day collection is good….it is 5 cr… Itna publicity k baad itna kam hai…. crystal clear hai na…film has failed whatever status it finally attains…

      • Numbers never fail to show effect…title in 38 has created disinterest in public… they are only ridiculing the film. all because of 38… A hero stands hero on public liking [the genuine public…not the created facebook/twitter fans].. NOT on collections or hit status…

        SRK lost all his reputation because of ra.one… the blockbuster status hardly helped the producer/director/srk…. their names got defamed for ever.

        One should create good titles for genuine public liking…… the money would come up naturally…..

    12. 28th may match u didnt notice 50 was matrix total and dhonis destiny 33 plus 7 equals 40. Not for predicting the score but the winner. 4 replaces 5. And both become equals. Does it make sense?

      • as hinted yesterday morning…..destiny 22 is 4…tends to become 5.. hence…23. So, 28 plus 23= 51….. from here alone, number 6 came… because…date is 1, destiny 4, wed is 5…matrix 5…plus wed is 1… none is 6…The 22 turns 23 …creating 51..or 6… was the secret hint…

        score came 173…..or 123=6….

    13. Ok and 6 is dhonis destiny so he had to win. Last question is it necessary that we have to take 22 as 5. Or we change it just when we want to match something?

      • 4 shows the effect of both….4 as well as 5. In a contest, if there is to be a definite winner….situation will come such that…it would demand only 5….

        yesterday… 28 and 23……51..or 6… only dhoni has 6. mi are 2, rohit is 3, 5 and 8…. and his 5 is 32…not 23.

    14. Thats amazing. I was looking for pieces on patterns. Couldnt find any book. Urs is a bit expensive. But will surely buy in the future. Any other recommendations for patterns? Mostly there are books for beginners but im done with that. Now want to take It to the next level. Have read cheiro.

      • only mine is recommended for all of you…… others haven’t yet imagined such concepts…not even cheiro…. all the advanced versions are nothing but philosophical junks…. bible numbers, kabala numbers…786, 666…

        numerology needs to deal with numbers first…..then other timepass things….

      • jisko jisko chahiye….vo le hi rahe hai…score calculation wala ebook… uske jaisa market mey ek bhi book nahi nikla na aajtak…shayad isliye … poore internet mey to bas ghisa pita wala hi rehta hai…essay type k contents…

    15. Not just that. Yesterday 28 plus 5 Wednesday comes to 33. Dhonis destiny. It was really lucky for him even beating the unbeatable combination of 5 destiny rohit and 1 date.

      • such date plus weekday number represents split effect… not the correct logic explaining their win.. rohit destiny 32…. takes 82, 32… and it was 28, 23… reverse order…weakness…

        And as explained in smriti irani’ amethi defeat..syptoms… destiny 5 fails on dates having 1 and 5..both together… Gambhir is 14…already afflicted form of 5…so…lesser effect on him,….

    16. Will buy in july then. Thanks. Btw good luck for tomorrow. Both teams have so similar numbers its gonna be really difficult to predict. If 45 is not conflicting its clear who the winner is going to be. But then again 1st june attracts chennai like a magnet. Probably the hardest match to predict this one. But ur the expert. Once again good luck 🙂

      • Itihaas gawah hai….. cheiro numerology has failed….[in genuine cases]….. rest depends on fixings….like last year… csk are expert in losing at minor/major stages……visible to naked eyes….

    17. In logo ko darr nahi lagta kya? Itne log life ban ho chuke hai and still they are fixing.

      And cheiro ki to baat hi nahi kr rha. Agar normal numerology I mean basic things dekhe. Kal ka matrix dono teams ko bohot strongly support karta hai. Match jab koi team jeet jayegi. Dono me se koi bhi ho. Log numerology ke facts laga le reason denge why they won. But dustri team ke bhi itne hi chances honge numerology wise. Agar kkr and kxip ka final hua tab bohot easy hoga predict krna cuz kxip ka hardly anything matches with that days matrix. Even u should admit that tomorrows game if predicted accurate by any pandit would be a matter of coincidence. Aap koi bhi reason batao k chennai ya kxip jeetegi. Main 1 aur reason de dunga why the other team could have won.

      • darr kaise lagega….India k besharm log…criminals aur muslims ko ek field mey ban lagne par doosre mey entry de dete hai. ramiz raja, shoaib akhtar….. pak singers..ko free entry de diya gaya hai… [pak se Ind gussa mey bhi hai border pe beheading wale incident ko leke…bahut gussa mey hai]

        ….Jadega extraaa innings mey baitha hua hai… besharm sreesanth ko jhalak mey le liye… jo aisa leta hai…unko joota leke maarna chahiye…. number 6 affected…celebrity India mey bas sreesanth hi ek hai…?

    18. Chennai lagao or maal kamao…
      Aaj chennai nhi haarega
      Maxwell fail
      Chennai team to dekho
      David hussy
      Sb ek se badhkar ek h

      • arey yaar match fixing based predictions nahi….asli concepts kabhi bhi pata rehta hai to vo bola kare. vo to maine abhi sehwag se pata lagvaya…usne khud accept kiya..ki sab setting tha.

      • the actual matrix today, as hinted is 5/13….. adding to 18…matching bailey’ destiny 9… [even original had 45…but not the correct version]….. and it vanishes…dhoni’ destiny 6..match.

        As hinted in anita reddy case…. split effect…even though matching one’ destiny…leads to failures often…. today…45 or 18..or 9 and fri…6….adds to dhoni’ destiny 6…but suffered from split/defeat effect….

    19. Second wicket 13 runs from 6 balls becomes 19 .. punjab is 19. No defeat for them. 1st wicket is fine because 24 kings both teams had. But about the matrix. U havent described anywhere even in any pdf books when we should change the matrix. Sometimes u take it diagonally , sometimes only right and I think today left. Also why dont u see the personal day of the players?

      • Yes, i had predicted beforehand the matrix might form 5/13…. matching punj team name….and there will be fraud. Sehwag was the fraud mAn…for yesterday’ match… plus..csk team..

      • ek bande se maine kaha bhi tha bahut pehle ki sehwag k liye jersey 85..try kare… for genuine success [not these kinds of fake success]. kal he scores 122…in 58 balls…. that number is coming from his matrix…58/85…

      • vo sab intricate things hai…..common man confuse ho jayega. gap between..13 and 31 = 18. 35 and 53= 18… and 18 comes in the form of 0. When the matarix has a 13 or a 35…and there is a clear 0….. the role of that 0 is simply to add with 13 or 35…and interchange its digits…Without creation of any new number as far as possible.


        35…becomes 53… 5 becomes date….


    20. And dhoni ne to 100% fixing ki thi. Uske personal numbers bohot achhe the. Agar so chahta to araam se jita deta. Uska personal day hi 11 ban rha tha. 33 11 ka combination. Agar aap 11 nahi bi lete to 2 lelo. 2 and 7. Uske lucky numbers

    21. I was pretty sure who the winner is going to be till I read that uv written if the month and date matches of the captains birth matches with matrix. Its a loss. Wtf? Is that true?

    22. parshant sir ek paisa bhi nahi kamaya ipl main ….bus yakin nahi dila sakta aapko ..but aapki fees jarrur pay karunga .promice parshnt sir .t.c

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