Why Are Indian Cricketers Failing Since Few Years?

  • indian cricketers jersey numbers

    Without the support of match fixing, Indian cricket has no more potential left to win any series on its own….the probe of Ind’ 2011 fixed world cup win confirms this fact. Why is it happening so?

    Since many years, you might have observed the forced use of typical jersey numbers by players. And the numbers are being misfit…

    Sehwag, dravid, rohit, dinesh karthik,…and many others are being provided numerological lucky jersey numbers….and due to those numbers, the players have completely lost their basic cricket talents.

    Rohit Sharma has birth date in 30 and destiny in 32….adding to basic 8. And he has been provided with jersey 45…i.e. 9.

    Number 8 persons need to stay away from two numbers, as far as possible – 1 and 9. Number 9 is highly harmful for 8.

    Further, 45 has the dual nature…it tends to become 55 too….i.e. 1. Then, how could 45 help him?

    It is an illusion that it has helped him win few tests, ipl 6 MI win…etc… Most of those results were not the outcome of 45 or hardwork of Rohit….but purely match fixing.

    Exactly same thing could be said with Dravid and many others…….. They ‘look’ best in ‘fixed’ matches…but when they face the international series…the genuine ones, none of the players/numbers work…

    Mainly because those numbers are detoriating them…slowly and steadily. Ah yes, i forget to mention Sehwag.

    Yuvraj has been provided with Rs 15 cr for playing in ipl 7. He is in his 33rd age…this number gives great success in one’ profession…

    But, he was so bad in wt20 2014 finale, even zaheer khan bats finely in death overs….ALL because of misfit numbers…

    We provided lucky numbers to few local team players here…they played better than the big names….And that too – unaided by match fixings…thats important….

    How in the world could DK on back of dinesh karthik’ jersey help him? His destiny is 3, for such persons number 6 gives maximum failures….And DK adds to 42…6!

    Remember, mumbai indians are not getting benefit for these numbers….their wins are being fixed by some others. Fixings apply on other teams/whole ipl equally.

    6 for 3 creates immoral sexy nature in the person besides failure in his profession [in genuine matches].

    Quick easy numbers might end up the lives of these players in jail. One should try genuinely matching number – and give the numbers time to show its natural lucky effects..ok.

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