Rahul Gandhi Will Win Amethi Seat In 2014 Elections

  • rahul gandhi amethi

    Based on simple things, it seems ‘Gandhi’ title will help Rahul in winning election seats in amethi in today’ poll.

    Today, the highly simple matrix is-


    vital numbers- 07, 19, 79, 26, 31


    Rahul, the man with Gandhi title, has his birth date in exact 19. Thats a big thing- a person’ birth date matching with event date’ destiny [here, 19] makes him a winner.

    Also, ‘Congress’ name adds to 31. The matrix plus wed is 31.

    When there is a 5 [wed] and a 1 [destiny 19], number 5 dies severely. While Rahul carries both 1 and 5 [no problem for him], Smriti Irani’ birth date is 23 i.e. 5!

    And kumar vishwas’ birth date 10 is afflicted by 8 [feb].

    It is a pity that number 31, which creates bad luck, separations and loneliness for masses, might come to power free of cost!

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