Heropanti Title Adds To Number 38 – Highly Unlucky!

  • heropanti tiger kriti hot sceneTiger Shroff is making debut in bollywood with Heropanti. But, the matter needs attention because the film title adds to unlucky 38 as per numerology. Tiger shroff, born on 2 has destiny in 6. Here, it is quite tricky. 6 might mislead many that he might gain success as an entertainer [number 6 belongs to filmy world]. Instead, the 26 pattern might create another Sanjay dutt [he faced similar birth pattern 26]. And it creates a better Villain. And one important point in tiger’s case is that his birth month is 3, and it creates problematic life with destiny 6 – the 3 and 6 effect. Number 3 stands for jupiter, number 6 venus. Both are natural enemies of each other. Together, it creates 9 which gives more struggles than success. Here, his pattern is 36. This number generally gives immense wealth to the person. So, Tiger Shroff will be wealthy [his shroff title in number 33 alone is enough to make him wealthy]. BUT, while number 6 creates a natural actor….when there is a 3 too ..i.e. 36, it creates a poor actor – his acting will be full of folly. Now, this 36 or number 9 proves harmful for movies in number 2 [heropanti adds to 38…2]. Number 2 dies when subjected to 9. Shahrukh khan is the best example of ‘2 fails with 9‘ effect. His birth month nov belongs to 9, and all his dull/bad works has numerology in number 2 [Examples are many – raone, chennai express] When the numerology of any film is defective, public liking remains absent [though the media is seen carrying the news/pictures of the success parties thrown by the makers of such films.]

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