Sanjay B Jumaani PM Predictions Turn Correct- NaMo Wins!

  • narendra modi wins

    Narendra Modi name adds to 25 + 16 = 41. Number 5 in general and 41 in special denotes tremendous mass appeal. They can attract masses as no other numbers can do.

    Sachin tendulkar name adds to number 5, the easiest and best example. Further, number 41 creates leaders and give benefits during later part of such persons.

    Number 5 represents mercury, the planet of communication. It creates excellent public speakers

    The beginning election date had the date in 7, destiny in 18-



    The 18 represents 0 more than 9. So, it is 70….anti birth date 7 [Kejriwal’ birth date is 7]. He faces humiliation now.

    Rahul Gandhi’ birth date 19 plus destiny 33 = 52……or 7. The 70 meant anti for him too.

    As we perform few maths operation on 79 in cricket predictions….79 = 02… is 18-7 = 11  [BJP party name adds to 11].

    Today, the result date matrix plus fri formation is exactly Modi’ name number 41.

    Result date matrix is strange-



    vital numbers- 16, 19, 69, 35

    Number 69 creates undisputed kings. But, how to adjust 35?  It represents crimes and deaths.  If the 41 becomes 51, things/meanings might be different. Even 51 is risky.



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