‘The Xpose’ – A Serious Numerological Mistake!

  • the xpose review

    It is simply criminal to provide film title in number 6 for persons affected by number 3. In this case, Himesh and Honey Singh, both, are affected by 3. And the film title has been devised/edited in number 6!

    I think the intention of the numerologist might have been to ruin the whole team of the latest bollywood film the expose, starring himesh reshammya and honey singh. Or else, he might have committed serious error.

    Himesh’ destiny as per wiki latest is 3. And punjabi hardcore singer yo yo honey singh is born on mar 15, mar stands for 3. And the film title adds to number 42 or 6.

    RULE- Persons affected by number 3 should always avoid number 6. Using 6 will defame him/her without fail.

    Though 42 stands for best things in numerology….it is worst for persons in number 3. And the main actor himesh and villain honey are purely affected by 3.

    Recent films like ragini mms, main tera hero and many upcoming films suffer from these kinds of intricate errors. No wonder, the much liked girl sunny leone [in the porn world] is yet to succeed in bollywood even after acting in 3 films.

    The ‘hit’ tag is not what the actor/actress want. Film/actor/actress rule in the hearts of the audience.  And public liking [liking from the heart] comes from numerologically risk free film title, healthy release dates.

    It is a crime on the part of the numerologist to set the film in number 6 for quick money for the makers. He is ruining the luck of the actor/actress, mood of the audience.

    6 and 3 makes the actor a subject of ridicule among the viewers…..

    What to say? Even the ‘nipple’ girl of the film, Sonali Raut, is born on dec 23- month of 3.

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