Nataasha Aka Anita Reddy Marriage on Oct 14 – Double Risky!

  • Anita Hassanandani Reddy

    Anita Suhkani of Kuch to hai fame, the beautiful punjabi actress tied knot last year on oct 14, 2013. Being born on 14, it seemed a natural match.

    BUT, her destiny is 28. When there is 1 and 5 together, it is risky to use 5. For that, the weekday is forming number 28 with matrix on that date.

    RULE– says, one needs to avoid such days when matrix total + weekday number = one destiny number. In her marriage case, the date is 14, and destiny 12-



    vital numbers- 14, 12, 42, 26

    And it was monday or 2….thus, 26 plus 2= 28. Her destiny number is exactly 28.

    REASON– such matrix plus weekday denotes split effect…..  and it should not be exactly equal to the person’s destiny number. It indicates Defeat/failures often.

    Recently, she appeared in Ragini mms 2. It is a bad thing that her bollywood films, beginning with kuch to hai…till ragini…have been failures……

    Anita Hassanandani Reddy needs to be extra careful because her marriage date is extra risky. The pattern is none other than death number 53/35..

    14/5…….. 12/3.

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