KKR Reaches IPL 7 Finale As Predicted!

  • kkr reaches ipl 7 prediction

    We had predicted and explained in most accurate manner that KKR has chance to reach the finals [the prediction were made even before the start of ipl 7].

    It was based on actual numerology i.e. match date matrices and captain’ destiny number, so it had to show effect.

    NOTE- We have already proved and published that cricket match score/target and winning team is solely based on only 3 things-

    – match date matrix plus weekday number.

    – team name number and inner format,

    – captain’s birth date, destiny and their total.

    Everything [score, winning numbers] comes from these three only….. NO OTHER THING contributes to winning luck..neither jersey color, nor jersey number.

    Mean these things are waste? NO, they bring confidence to that team/player.  Just that.

    KKR’ entry into finale ipl 2014 was already provided by match beginning and finale date-

    Gambhir’ birth date is 14 and destiny 25. And see, the ipl beginning date matrix had an exact 25 [this was the main point]-


    18…..total  25


    And finale date matrix-



    Number 14 is Gauti’ exact birth date…  So, his numbers were fully imprinted in ipl 7…..kkr had the chance to reach finale……most naturally…..  without any kind of support.

    GAUTI is in his 33 rd year…… this is an electrifying success number….  naturally, he gets selected for england tour test..

    Today, we had predicted that matrix might form 56…adding to 11….  and it came 164….11…matching gambhir’ destiny 25…

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