New Zealand Vs West Indies Predictions

  • nz vs wi live

    New Zealand Vs West Indies 2014 cricket matches begins today live. It will be brendon mcullum vs dinesh ramdin test matches.

    Predictions related with wi vs nz series follow [raw state only]. Score predictions would be available live soon. One can consult us after paying our fees –

    test series- beginning date matrix is typical-


    21 = 29

    The 82 simply matches mcullum’ destiny 37….. Still, it could be draw or NZ series win.

    1st test- NZ

    1st wkt in  1/19 pattern…    11  9…    Ramdin is 43…

    Day 1 stumps

    nz 240/2          A ‘0’ generally indicates upcoming bad luck [0 stands for 18/gulikyan]    Nz are 42.   But if wkt 2 adds to 24

    2 +  24  0  OR  26    0.     Number 26 specifically indicates at 13  [Ramdin birth date 13]…..

    Draw or else weakness for WI?


    2nd test- Draw

    June 16 matrix plus mon is creating the draw number 38…..   Or else WI could show more power…


    3rd test-

    There were indications that the 82 portion of beginning might decide the series winner. It attracts 37/32. Now, we have always been telling that 32 gets attracted towards 16…

    1st wkt 4/12…….   adds to 16.      So, that number 82 point is showing effect…..    NZ scored 293…. [23 and 9=32]. WI day 1 stumps 32/0…..

    The series winner hint 82…..37…worked. Again, our series prediction turned correct.  But, things are not tallying properly indicating that some fraud has been committed in the 3rd test…..


    T20 series- When matrix reverses, beginning date is becoming 00/15, matching both WI as well as Mcullum….latter more… NZ series win chances more..or else a draw.

    1st t20- NZ

    when there is a 9 and an 8, it tends to form 18 [0]. So, the date/destiny 5/19 tends to become 5/10. And might reverse to form 00/15.

    plain things….Sammy’ destiny is 26….1st wkt comes in 13   [the famous 13-26 pair]…

    Possible score…129?

    2nd t20- WI

    The matrix is subject to reversal and an amazing modification. 06/20 might turn into 00/26….  and add to 62.

    NOW, 62 is nothing but….  9-3    9-7…..OR 37.. mcullum’ destiny number….

    Basically, 26 is Sammy’ destiny number….so, his defeat solely depends on the existence of 0….

    1st wkt in 96 pattern…this number creates high attractive scores…….

    possible score- 170?

    yesterday too….wkt pattern was ‘created’….unnatural…nothing to do with day’ hidden pattern…Today also…

    2nd wkt 36/34…..   [in the pattern 00/26…..hint provided yesterday].  A 9 more than 26…makes 35… and that extra 9 goes to create 4…from 5….  intricate maths…

    Target 166 adds to 13……..   Sammy’ 26.

  • 5 thoughts on “New Zealand Vs West Indies Predictions

    1. Today West Indies is the favorite one. But still I believe in your numerology though not 100%. Hope today’s t20 matches come with a victory

    2. Dude why do you change the prediction after the match is over?? Its ridiculous!! For 2nd t20 match your prediction was NZ. But you changed it to WI. THIS IS NOT ADMISSIBLE

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