Dhoom 3 On June 28 – Public Dislike Yet Again?

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    Dhoom 3, released last year on dec 20, fell flat among audience because of number 11 in the release date matrix. This unlucky number results in dull film and severe public dislike. [The story, execution and Aamir were quite irritating].

    Numbers 11 and 38 creates extremely unlikeable films…..public loath films affected by these two numbers. Dabangg 2, JTHJ, Dhoom 3, Jism 2, Ragini mms 2, Jai ho and Heropanti suffered from 11 and 38.

    Between the two, 38 is worser [jai ho and heropanti were affected by 38]].

    Now, its premiere on Sony tv june 28 suffers from similar and few additional defects. June 28 matrix-



    28 and 14 combo- Aamir khan’ birth date is 14, and for them date 28 is a perfect match. It would have been best if 28 had come in destiny, not date.

    The 1 and 5 defect – When the main person’s [actor] birth numerology is in number 5, one should strictly avoid dates having the mix of 1 and 5. June 28 has a 1 as well as 23 or 5.

    Number 1 kills 5 in this kind of 1-5 pattern. Success gets curtailed [The film has already failed in the theatre release itself].

    Aamir khan, Abhishek bachchan have their birth dates in 14 and 5…….

    Number 38 defect in premiere date- There is the hidden yet clear 38 in the matrix.

    IIFA AWARDS on june 15 star tv….the matrix has the total 34…. and 35 with sun. Number 35 denotes death….  Good things should not be premiered on tv on such death numbers…..

    Abhishek Bachchan is looking stylish and smart in Dhoom 3 action scenes. Thats the only thing worth watch. When we move to Aamir [major portion of the film], the boredom begins….

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