Match Fixing Exposure Turns Our Prediction Correct!

  • bpl spot fixing scam

    A visitor had teased us during Bangladesh Premiere League – ‘sir iz always ryt if wrong dan match is fixed’. And the ‘match fixing’ were really present in BPL 2013 on the exact dates pointed out by us then. The case is going on, players are getting 8-10 years ban.

    We had started the predictions from feb 7… [so, missed the match fixing done on 2nd]. No problem, even the incorrect prediction of feb 12 has turned out to be the correct one NOW.

    Dhaka Gladiators were to win the match as per our numerological concepts but instead Barisal burners won. DG had done match fixing in favor of BB…for a bribe of one million taka (USD 12,800) to lose the match.

    So, next time think twice-thrice….many times before telling our predictions to be incorrect. They are based on genuine concepts of numerology…..

    Crime should never go unpunished, and numerology has got enough powerful concepts to expose frauds/match fixings done in various cricket matches. And we have provided the common man those tools to trap cricket criminals….

    Enjoy our concepts….these fall of wkts concept, reversal concepts…discovered by us are exculsivly for you frnds….  spot the match fixing live from your home now!

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