Kapil Sharma Loses YRF’ ‘Bank Chor’ – Title In Unlucky 9!

  • kapil sharma style


    Kapil Sharma, though born on april [month of 9], his birth date is number 2. For persons affected by number 2, film titles in number 9 gives troubles or failures often. Best example is SRK.

    Shahrukh khan has faltered everytime when he did movies the titles numerology added to number 9. His birth date, also, is 9.

    Now, the latest victim of ‘9 kills 2′ concept is the famous comedian and fans’ first choice Kapil Sharma. He had been roped in for YRF’ new film but not he has been removed.

    The new film title adds to 9, ‘Bank Chor’ name adds to 10 + 17= 27….  and number 9 is not suitable for persons affected by 2. Kapil Sharma, comedian, birth date is 2.

    These small things, left neglected, leads to failures and lost chances….. He has become number 1, the best comedian, with his tv show ‘Comedy nights with kapil’

    This comedy show title adds to 24 + 21 + 16 + 15= 76…  a natural match for his name –

    Kapil Sharma – 15  +  16………or  6 and 7….i.e. 67.  I love his natural art of comedy…. and Ali Asghar’ too….

    Kapil Sharma’ face cut, facial muscles strongly suggest him to attempt good full fledged negative role.  These weaklings/newcomer actresses won’t be suitable for him.

    Some  talented actress should be cast opposite him….


  • 34 thoughts on “Kapil Sharma Loses YRF’ ‘Bank Chor’ – Title In Unlucky 9!

    1. Ajay devgn d.o.b 2 aries ruler number 9.jumaani jichange his name from 28 to 27 or 9 and he gave many 100 crore moveies.

      • actor k lucky age mey kuch bhi kaam kar jaata hai….uske baad to gaayab….. Ajay devgn…phir kya kiya? aitithi tum…., rascals, tezz, aakrosh, tonpur ka superhero, dil to bachcha hai….., son of sardar, himmatwala, satyagraha…. inme se kaun sa yaadgaar film bana?

      • see, devgn’ birth date is 2, destiny 4…i.e. 24…. and once upon a time…. released on his 42nd running age…. [reverse digits doesnt matter on totals]…. most natural lucky age…. 42 creates nice things..plus his matrix is 24/42….

      • main fault lies not in the actor but these modern bogus directors…. they are reducing best of the actors to 3rd grade level…. saw holiday ….What was Akki in 90s? … and what has be become now…horrible…

      • aur aajkal ka 100 cr ka khel….purely supported/created by excessive publicity/…tv ads showing very good status of the film [even in cases where the film has failed badly]….

        And this truth is evident from decline in viewership by more than 75-80 percent in just 10 days of the film’ release. If the release date is perfect numerologically…. the film will gain income consistent with increasing viewership…

        100 cr/300 cr is the sole product of heavy promotions/fake publicity…. jabardasti…daily 15 cr…collection taran tweet karte rehta hai… aaj 15 cr, kal tak 30cr… parso 45 cr…

        budget bol dega 20-15 cr……. bas film superhit declared…. kya hai…sirf paper mey/twitter mey 15-30-45 likhna hi to hai. big budget films mey 30cr, 28cr, 35cr…… blockbuster…

        idhar viewership ka ata pata nahi…… 80 percent decline…

    2. Jumaani said 3,6,9 is a family of number he gave example of many,
      And jumaani said venus is best har actor aur actress main wo venus find out karty hain.kisi ki destiny, kisi ka day, kisi ka name..
      He said without venus koi b superstar nhi ban sakta..
      He said k shahrukh khan name number 42 ki waja sy successful hai.because 42 is a dream octave number.

      • to phir mujhme kya kami hai? destiny 33…. birth/destiny 46….. kya nahi hai? name pehle 37 try kiye, phir 23/32, phir 46, 42….success nahi mila… ab 33 mey acha ho raha hai…

        par 33 aur 46 wala dhamakedar…income..etc kidhar? vo sab sirf bollywood aur cricket wale persons tak hi hai… kuch karo na karo…match haarte raho///income assured hai…. films bekaar wala deliver karte rahe…. top ranking actor k list mey aate raho…

      • andha dhun 6 wale persons /actress ko bollywood mey lene k kaaran ab bollywood films bahut weak hote jaraha… kaha kaha se bematlab k newcomers ko/new directors/singers ko lete jaa rahe hai…. worst films bante jaa rahe hai…

        film industry mey sirf ache talented actors/actresses rehne chahiye….jo genuinely handsome/beautiful ho… attractive ho. Jaise manisha koirala thi [acting thoda kam]…

        ye kya….irrfan khan, randeep hooda, nargis fakhri, illeana…jannat 2 ki actress…. oh god…. kitni films mey le chuka hai… par kyu? Sirf sundar aur sahi mey actress wale personality ko mauka milna chahiye…. 6 bolke kisi ko bhi nahi….

        kangna ranaut… aakhir kyu hai? Sonakshi sinha kyu? neha dhupia..?? nisha kothari [ramu ki sabhi actor/actress]…?

        tv k actors/actress bina matlab k films mey… bollywood ko kachra peti banane ka thidi na hai…

        pehle se test karo…kiska personality sahi mey har angle se ek star jaisa hai…bas unlogo ko hi mauka do/bollywood mey rakho……

        Directors aajkal to….baap re baap….. farhan akhtar…don ka kabada bana diya…. ye dhoom 3 wala…..uff.. 90s k repeated stories the…lekin maza aata tha… abhi wala 3rd grade…

    3. Jumaani said sonakshi sinha destiny adds tu 6 venus entertainment. .
      Even ap ny manisha korila ki example di manisha korilaa adds to 37 her d.o.b 7 jumaani said 7 and 1 is awsome matchup but wo name 37 k sath b nakaam hai y???
      37 tu books main royal star kaha gaya hai and many numerologist said 7 and 1 is best for 7 born no. 1 is as name exellent how..
      even in books of numerology 4 and 1 is best matchup..
      apki b tu d.o.b 13 yani 4 banti hai but ap ny b 37 aur 46 try kia no effect …
      I think no.1 is not a good no.
      But y jumaani claim k no. 7 irrfan ka name 19 yani 1 pe laya tu wo award ly gaya

    4. Jumaani said about kangana..
      Queen Kangana!

      Born on 23/3/1987 (=6) she’s a No 5 ruled by Mercury (communication) with destiny No 6, (Venus), Entertainment.

      Arian Ruler is No 9, Mars n the Queen is Ruling in her 27th (9) year!
      Her name adds to No 1, Sun (leadership n recognition) so ‘Picture abhi bhi baaki hai, Doston’!

    5. I am also a no. 7 and leo destny 39
      Try 19,37 for a long time but no effect..gussa bht ziada anna shuru ho jata hai..
      Then use 42 first 19 second 27 bust first name 19 use karny sy b gussa atta raha ..
      Then use first name 15 second 27 tab ja k tv main chance milla..abi 30 episode kar chuka houn

    6. Apko yaad hai aik dafa apko tie up match ki prediction di thi jo sahi hui thi.. ..comments main baat karty huwy phr apko apny blog ka link b diya tha …
      Then maine nelson mandela ki death date predict ki successfully. …
      Then I predicted t20 world cup live on tv match by match..

    7. Main queen movie main interested nhi hounn..maine sirf share kia k jumaani said k kangana, s success because of her destiny 6..
      jumaani change her name from 36 to 37

    8. No main jumaani ki support main nhi but he is the only man jis ny sb sy different “3,6,9 is a family of numbers” ko sabit kia and 9 and 1 ko b ..mutasir tu karta hai main tu khud almost dunya k har star ki life ko din raat search kar k read karta houn aur sekhta houn ..
      Hollywood, bollywood etc

    9. Ian mckellen adds to 37 born on 25 julia Roberts k baad ye 2nd person hai ko name 37 k sath successful hai..sir ka khitab b ly chuka hai raat ko achanak search karty huwy nazar main aya..
      Bon 25 may 1939 destiny 34 name 37 pehla actor hai jo name 37 k sath itna success pa gaya hai

      • 25 plus 34= 59… name is 37…or 329… 59….

        more than that…..34 is also 35….so…. its 60 too…. entertainment number…. my cousin is 87 pattern….teaches maths methods all over India…. 275 schools/colleges….. 72 cities

    10. Even your day 13 destiny 33 come 46,33 all good numbers and also you share your numbers with sunny leonne she is a star

    11. You also share your number with merly streep 22 june 1949 ..day 4 and destiny 33 and name 33 same as you she won academy award many time ..so try in film industry dear prasant

    12. According to Wikipedia;
      Meryl Streep
      Meryl Streep is an American actress of theater, film and television. Having been nominated eighteen times for an Academy Award and winning three she is widely regarded as one of the greatest actresses of all time

    13. According to me ..
      For fame anyone needed powerful sun or powerful venus I have a powerful sun as a leo …sun in camcer at 17°

      • Mujhe ye..sirf lucky age mey acha hona pasand nahi…. jab jab exciting/new cheez kiye…wahi lucky age ban jaana chahiye… bahut jyada income milna chahiye… jaise abhi… kitne saare new things maine kiye… bas income nahi…

    14. Baat tu apki theek hai dear mujy b chance lucky year main hi milaa ..phr free betha houn next kam ki talash main so where is the power of name

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