Amitabh’ Yudh Not In Good Numerology?

  • yudh tv series review

    Like Anil Kapoor, Big B too makes Tv debut with a dull, dark series YUDH. The numerology of the title is a mix of good and bad. When anyone would do the yudh trp review and attempt to trace the reasons for its failure, do pay attention to this real cause.

    Yudh title adds to number 16 – generally not coming under lucky numerology..but matching with Amitabh’ birth date 11, destiny 28… Careful observation reveals a hidden 47 in the title.

    D7…or 47, adding to 11 – could take the content to high levels of boredom – this number 11. Its high time that the makers should follow RGV style of picturizations… it irritates the viewers.

    Again, 47 is matching with Amitabh’ numbers….so…it could be an average affair. The best series on serious subject with intense making still stands ‘Shaanti’ show years ago on Doordarshan.

    There are numerological tips too in the aspect called ‘Television consulting’ besides the technical matters. Every tv series maker is interested in knowing ‘how to increase trp’? Why waste your valuable money unnecessarily on ads?

    You should be aware that tv series ‘title’ and its airing date should come under auspicious or lucky numerology. Alphabets have numerical values, the title must add to good numbers.

    Tv consulting by us@ Rs 2.4 lac

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