Singham Returns Might Suffer Due To Number 63 Defect?

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    UPDATE– As hinted earlier…….Kick release date not perfect. The makers of kick are left with telling big, bigger lies….. more stress on ‘huge’…. Actual collections are drying up…in Reality….. Even in this…………80 cr is absolutely fake………
    Ajay Devgn starrer, sequel movie Singham 2 release date is Aug 15, 2014. While the astrologers/numerologists view might suggest money and money…..the matter is complex.

    Singham returns movie predictions rest on the release date- it is 15 with destiny 21. OR the 63 effect.
    Number 63 leads to downfall of the movie….

    But, the matter is complex… If you are known to our matrix reversal concept….you might have spotted that the release date is subject to reversal…it might turn into-


    The matter is still serious-…there is the bad number 11- it creates public dislike for the movie..lack of wealth..

    The swing effect will be present because of 2-7 effect….but swings can’t lead to stable/good public liking….even box office collection of singham returns might get affected

    [obviously after those fake opening and weekend collections]….

    Tomorrow releases Salman’ kick movie…..again..a ting of 63 present-

    21……. 51/21…..63!

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