Bigg Boss 8 Numerology Needs Attention!

  • bigg boss 8

    Many might not observed the uniqueness in the numerology of tv show ‘bigg boss 8′. It seems, it too late now to point out the thing.

    Bigg Boss 8 = 9 15 8 = 32.

    Many numerologists might feel that the number adds to 5, so…it could be good for its release. The original 32 might change because of a reason and then the results [Trp, popularity], obviously, would be different [it won’t be that bad though ].

    NOTE- As per our previous observations and research [which we have successfully used in cricket predictions]..and also posted on international forum-

    Number 8 and number 9 mix to for number 18….or 0. A unique but true concept. Number 18 kills the success because it represents fights, terrorism and lack of wealth.

    Bigg and 8 might create 18 or 0…. So, the effect would be 15 0….= 33. Salman’ destiny is 33 itself. So, a nice thing.

    Whether intentionally or accidentally, the teaser first look promo of bigg boss 2014 was aired yesterday – Date 18, destiny 15…..haha….if it was unplanned…simply amazing.

    Numerology pulls its alike things towards itself. Add more to it, our cable network aired KICK movie yesterday for the first time [tv premiere haha]… the 33 effect..

    How did the film garner even 100 cr, is hard to understand. There was nothing in it. And what the hell nawazuddin doing? Script writers, wake up….write something good…

    Salman was enjoyable but below Wanted and Dabangg.

    Tv airing, too, needs to be on good date [the show title in good numerology]. Any weakness in title, date might lead to low trp or popularity of that tv show [it applies to movie premiere on tv as well].

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