Why Did I Commit Suicide?

Why Did I Commit Suicide?

 By Prasant

suicide case

It is number 38 which leads to suicides [Or else severe monetary loss and highly unsuccessful life]. An ebook on numerology related with suicide cases.

Recently, I saw a writer’s work  at amazon. More than that, her edited name at various book stores is alarming. It is adding to suicide number 38. Seems a work of a numerologist.

Off late, too many suicide deaths cases have emerged [all having a connection with with name spelling change and a numerologist]

Bollywood actress JIAH KHAN

Celebrity and Shashi tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’ forced suicide.

All these strongly hint at error committed in spelling change in name, Or else the numerologist is manipulating name change to kill the person.

Of course, it is not based solely on you. Even bollywood has suffered losses and bad name due to number 38. Movie titles in number 38 like Khiladi 786, Heropanti has been the most recent examples of bad effects of 38.
Then the life of Raj kapoor’s son Rajiv kapoor…serves as yet another example. His name adds to 38. Except his first film, none of his film ever worked till now…….
All the major suicide cases carry this 38 in their birth date destiny patterns or name. Recently, yet another hollywood celebrity has committed suicide because his birth date was in 3 series and destiny in 8………….forming this bad number 38.

Read the whole details on suicide numerology carefully, save yourself and near ones from 38.

Table Of Contents

Check your name!

Moon creates Swings

38 in every form

Don’t hurt feelings on 11!

If not death


Check your name!

Check your name number [and those of your near ones]. If it adds to number 38, then there is the risk that the life may end up by suicide. Or else, may severe monetary loss and highly unsuccessful life. Why would you want such risks?

The specific values [as per numerology] attached to different letters of alphabets are as follows-

A, I, J, Q = 1

B, K, R = 2

C, G, L, S = 3

D, M, T =4

E, H, N, X = 5

U, V, W = 6

O, Z = 7

P, F = 8

This number, 38, creates severe mood swings [sudden change in mood from happy state to depressed feelings], depressions, feelings to commit suicide.

And in most of the case, where the person has name in number 38, he/she has committed suicide [not all of course].

There is an easy thing you can do- Immediately change the spelling of the name so that it no longer adds to 38. You can escape depression and death by suicide.

Not many [In fact, none] are even aware of the fact that 38 could lead to death. But this simple fact [having scientific explanation in numerology] is so very vital that I felt everyone should know it now.

Everyone means everyone. Common man should memorize this little numerological fact just like ABC.


Moon creates Swings

38 is one of the numbers which add to 2. In numerology science, the planet associated with number 2 is moon.

The moon is known for creating tides in oceans [scientific fact]. And in general, it creates ups and downs [regular], which is commonly known as swings.

In stock market trading, days effected by 2 creates repeated ups and downs in price level in a single day. It is known as swing trading.

And in the study of human psychology, by swings we mean MOOD swings. Repeated change of mood from extreme happiness [sometimes without any reason] to extreme sadness.

The cause of this medical ailment called mood swing is nothing else but the effect of bad forms of number 2.

There are numbers adding to 2, in plenty, countless. But the common bad forms of 2 are limited. Mainly-

11, 38.

If you seriously do a research on the name/birth date details of persons committed suicide, you will spot a 38 in 90 percent of the cases.

This, number 38, is a secret point used in cricket predictions. Number 38 present in a match numerology indicates a possible draw or tie [or even abandonment].

Just few days ago, there was a hidden 38 in date, and 4-5 matches of Royal london cup got washed out.

38 leads to wasted efforts.


38 in every form

Number 38 could pop up as name number. Or be present during birth [check birth date details using the matrix concept].

It could be destiny number, or vertical, diagonal or pattern number. Minutely check the birth details, ALWAYS.

Citing too many examples bore the readers sometimes. Examples are many to be found in the suicide death of famous celebrities [and countless common man], all because of 38.

One simple example was the death of bollywood actress Parveen Babi. Her name adds to-


32     6        =  38

Just few days ago, a lady [hockey player from India] Rajvinder Kaur committed suicide. Her name adds to 38.

And recently, Robin Williams’ death by suicide. It serves my purpose, he was born on July 21, 1951

Birth date – 21

Destiny number = 2+1+0+7+1+9+5+1= 26. His matrix pattern was 38!


26………8  = 38


Don’t hurt feelings on 11!

Always take precaution that you never hurt the feelings of anybody on date 11. All those suicidal tendencies culminate/tell its toll on 11.

On such dates, even the best of normal minded persons feel low and distressed [without any reason].

And if that person is already in depressed [or else, your words/acts hurt his feelings], risk of suicide becomes high, very high.

One hurts the feelings in so many ways- parents scold their child for petty reasons, disallow them pleasure.

Men break off from love affair, hurting the lady. Or, husband wife’ fights.


If not death

It could mean unsuccessful life, mental disorder patients, person committing mega frauds/scandals. AS SAID, you can easily avoid the risks related with 38 by avoiding number 38 itself.

Use the free alphabet value chart, modify your name [incl film title/non-material things] so that it doesn’t add to number 38 anymore. You can do it yourself. Do it and enjoy a better life.
For further intricate details on number 38, anybody can write to us in need –



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