Mary Kom Movie Release Date Defect [Numerology]

priyanka chopra bald

Priyanka Chopra’s upcoming bollywood hindi film based on a real celebrity MARY KOM has a special weakness in its release date [besides general one]. Numerological analysis reveals this in a superb manner.

The film ‘Mary kom’, the bollywood film hindi..releases on sept 5, 2014 which has the day number 5 and destiny 21. The combo is forming numbers 8 which is generally considered bad. BUT,

It is 53..not 35, so the severity is less. And, the movie title [hindi film] mary kom adds to 8 + 13 = 21. Number 21 gives good results. [Again, there are too many ‘m’s …  killing 21]

The special defect I were talking about is in the release date destiny pattern [matrix]-


21…    there is the hidden 51/21…   Downfall number 63.

This number creates either public dislike or sudden fall in income. Or in severe cases………..both.


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