Narendra Modi’ ‘Make In India’ Mission Numbers

make in india mission logo

Everything has its meaning in the form of numbers [in numerology, we convert names into numbers]. So, ‘Make In India’ too might be carrying some numerological interpretations. Let us know it in details.

MAKE = 12   [This number signifies mental worries and low wealth]

In = 6 [nice attractive mass appeal number. generally, it represents luxury items and entertainment, sensual pleasure, unholy pleasures]

INDIA = 12 [Same as ‘make’. we are already suffering from everything].

When we all three, we get 30 = a nice service number, suitable to do good works for society. This could prove useful for us. For the first time, any social service mission is adding to holy numbers. Seems, the new mission of Modi will bring few major/attractive changes.

What’s more? Number 30 is highly compatible with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birth date 17, so he should be able to manage the mission towards success.


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