Minissha Lamba’s Bigg Boss 8 Winning Chances

Minissha Lamba hot in Bigg Boss 8

Update– So, numerology is working. Minissha is really gone!

The beautiful actress Minissha Lamba has entered Indian colors tv show ‘Bigg Boss season 8 as one of its contests. What are the forecasts and predictions related with her winning chances? Will she be the winner of bigg boss 8 [public reaction is suggesting so]?

See, what makes a person a winner in a contest or sports match etc are two things- 1. His/her birth numbers matching with the beginning date of the contest.

Here, bigg boss 2014 has begun this september 21. Minissha’ birth date 18 is matching with the inaugural date as we can see. Also, her destiny number is 33 [as per wiki details]. So, this is also matching.

Here, one should recall what I had said that day…sept 21 matrix is subject to reversal, forming new pattern 29/11. This could weaken her chances because the original 3-6-9  series is turning number 1 series.

  1. Second major thing needed to be a winner is the lucky age. The contestant need to be in a running age which is either matching with birth date/destiny number or their total.

Minissha is in her 30 [this number is quite lucky in itself]. And it is matching with both birth number 18 and destiny 33. Also, 9-6 is 3….and her age 3.

Note– She is born on Jan, the period of positive 8. This 8 can disturb the combatiblity of her birth numbers with age. Generally, there should be no 8 or 9 [i.e…no jan, feb or nov].

The details of many other participants are missing, many change during their bigg boss stay. So, its difficult to chase it. Also, wild card entries weakens the original forecast.

And the lucky age of the actress minissha might be indicating something else instead of a win in this tv show [anything possible]. She might be getting new films, advertisements or life partner..marriage?


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