Jayalalithaa’s Case: Perfect Example Of Number 63 Defect

jayalalithaa case latest

Jayalalithaa case latest

Actress turned politician turned criminal Jayalalithaa faces 4 years imprisonment in a case. Her birth destiny pattern has the number 63 [downfall] defect. Number 63 leads to defamation of the person.

Jayalalithaa [new spelling, why?] was born on feb 24. This is the cusp of number 8 and 3 [so, the number 38 defect too]. Simple things- number 6 creates entertainment persons- she became a famous actress.

Her destiny number is 30. Again, simple things numerology of this number mean wealthy persons, talent in arts and speech.

BUT, as you can see…the pattern becomes 6 and 3. Number 63 defames the person because 6 pushes the mind/acts towards unholy things as well. And 3 [jupiter] tries to halt the person in that type of things. Obviously, the person tumbles down.

The actress name seems to have been altered for gaining numerology benefit. I fail to understand, why lawyers and numerologist criminals?

It is an unhealthy fact that Sachin tendulkar and actor Ranbir kapoor too have birth destiny in similar 63 [downfall ] pattern.



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