Cricket Aus V Pak Series Predictions

pakistan vs australia match

The new series pakistan vs australia begins today oct 5, 2014. For those who are keen to know who will win today’s match and later, can easily learn it from our accurate pak vs aus t20 tips for current series on paid basis [nominal fees of rs 2000/consultation].

It seems Shahid afridi will captain team pakistan and Aaron finch the captain of australian cricket team. Both are so electrifying cricketers, it would be a real treat to watch the latest t20 series. As always, numerology do provide nice hints as to who could be the winner each match.

Of course, cricket fans can attempt the predictions themselves by using our popular cricket books [available on flipkart] –

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T20 series- Highly basic thing…today’ date and destiny total is 18, killing 1 [sunday]. Afridi’ birth date is 1.

1st t20- AUS

Pak vs aus tips for today match?  Kick start your paid package!

possible score- 145/3, 195, 131?

You had to apply our book’s 54 maths [taking special care of 9s]. date 5, destiny 13 = 4 and extra 9.

54 and sun…i.e. 54 and 1..  Double it and adjust the 9s…. we get 97.

ODI series-

1st ODI- AUS

The matrix might backfire 1, creating 8/15…adding to 23…. and 32 with teu…

Also, 1st wkt comes in 0/1…pattern. Misbah’ 28 is 10… reverse order.

2nd ODI- AUS

Today’ matrix is reversible forming 00/19…   [otherwise, the original resembled misbah’ birth destiny]…..   19 also means 08…

score comes 215… =26 [0 expands to 18 and plus 8 equals 26]. Bailey is 43…or 53…

3rd ODI- AUS

Matrix total plus sun = unstable 24

24 could become 25 backfiring an extra 9…..   turning 23 into 32 and 12 into 21…..

21 = 32



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