India Vs West Indies Match Prediction

ind vs wi today's match tip

Cricket India vs west indies oct series is on. Who will win this new tournament? And who will win today match? Tips for cricket are always interesting, more so when we arrive at the correct winner prediction following the real concepts on number science numerology.

At present, Dhoni is in his 34th age which is in sync with his birth date 7. A strong point in terms of numerology, he could turn everything into gold.

Yesterday, Bravo too enters a healthy age 32 [considered good in numerology]. Most of the match dates are in sync with the numerology of west indies team name in 1.

ODI Matches tips- Of course, beginning date 8 is directly matching with dhoni’s destiny 33 only. WI might show strength but the series should be won by India.

1st ODI – WI [based on team name more].

2nd ODI – IND

Sat might fill the 0, creating 11/18…..

4th ODI- IND

The 17 has the tendency to change… then … 26 and consequently 13 might pop out. matrix total 28 plus fri = 34. Might reflect in score/target.
predicting cricket match results for ind vs wi today winner

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