Misbah Opts Out As Captain Of Third ODI- Bad Decision!

captain misbah opts out third ODI- reason

The news of Misbah skipping the final ODI broke after the team meeting on the eve of the match. People speculated that he was forced to step down to give Afridi an opportunity, because Australia had already won the series 2-0. Out of will, forcefully or based on someone’s suggestion, the decision was bad [numerologically].

The numerology of the third ODI date supported usual captain Misbah-ul- haq rather than Afridi. Aus vs pak oct 12 had date in 12, destiny in 11 creating a special case-


11 = 23 plus SUN [1] = unstable 24.

Number 24 has the tendency to become 25 backfiring 1 or a 9. So, The 23 would become 32.

AFRIDI birth date 1 and destiny 22 adds to 23. 23 is in reverse order digits of number 32. And reverse order gives defeat in mission.

On the other hand, if Misbah was retained as captain for aus vs pak 3rd ODI, PAKISTAN COULD HAVE WON THAT MATCH. His destiny 36 is a strong matching with date 12!

Match fixing was committed in visible form in the third ODI, the last Glenn maxwell over was so fake! PCB new case related with Misbah is in news everywhere.


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