Anushka Sharma On PK Poster Tomorrow!

anushka sharma 2014 photo

The new poster of Aamir khan starrer upcoming 2014 release PK will feature the actress Anushka Sharma. Its an exciting news, more so when the fans are waiting to see her changed look after the facial surgery.

Anushka PK poster release on oct 16 could be reviewed in terms of number science as well [besides critics point of view]. Release on good dates gives better results.

Actress Anushka’ birth date 1 and destiny 32 is adding to master number 33.  She can cherish because the matrix method of numerology is suggesting that tomorrow’s date plus destiny total will get modified to 32- her destiny number.

Why? Because, the original total 31 plus thu adds to unstable 34 which would backfire 1 creating 32.

Yet, things might not be so pleasant for her because 35 denotes ill luck. And further, 8 might kill the goodness of 32. These things rest on the creation of extra 1. Only time will tell. Also, the final release of the film PK.

The dots from PK have been removed as per the suggestion of the numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, which is a scientific thing. Now, the movie title adds to 10.

Anushka seems to be having good times ahead for her other upcoming films too releases on her running age 27. But yes, 28th would fall in natural sync with her birth date may 1, should be more lucky for her.


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