SRK New Car- Number Plate Matters!

srk latest mercedez car photo

Gangster Ravi Pujara’s naughty threats have forced the superstar SRK to buy a new mercedez. The biggest thing- is the shah rukh khan new car really bomb proof? I mean secure for his life?

The lifeline of a car [any vehicle] is its number plate. Buying new models of model expensive car launches in 2014 won’t alone bring joy and happiness in life. The vehicle registration number need to be in good numbers.

The new mercedez of SRK is carrying car number plate – MH-01-AQ-9090

It is nice that it is adding to wealth number 30. But the AQ portion represent mental worries number 11. This number should always be avoided in any dealings. We can’t expect a joy ride in cars carrying number 11.

Shockingly, Salman khan’ car plate number is full of ‘accident and cuts’ number 9. No wonder, he lands in trouble.

Other celebrities, in fact so many, prefer the ‘AUDI’ car models latest. It costs them in crores. SRK and Aamir’ bomb proof security oriented cars are most expesive. They are the latest launches of cars in VVIP category.

Shraddha Kapoor buys new mercedez, her car plate number is not in full view in the photo because of the puja mala. Still, the visible portion has 6 in excess which is not good for persons born on 3 series.

Instead of spending extra on ‘security’ features, the celebrity should always ensure during online registration that his family car gets a lucky plate number. Leave Pujari, even Dawood won’t be able to harm him!

Numerology solutions for cars@ Rs 1.5 lac


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