Mizoram Girl Murder In Delhi: Number 38 Effect!

heropanti tv airing

Sankalp Anand and wife suicide case info-

Facts remain the same, effect remains the same. Nandini Anand name, numerologically adds to 22 + 16 = 38. And the date the couple committed suicide- OCT 15.


14 = 29 Plus wed 5 = 34.

It either backfires 1 or a 9. In this case, seems both. 35 and 38.  There is a murder angle too- but how could it be so? The numerology of the witness guard is suspicious. He should be probed in detail.

Mizoram girl death n  Heropanti tv airing

Many know it by now, few still doubt it BUT the fact is number 38 spells its doom without fail everytime. Latest news mizoram girl death in delhi has the same story details.

Her live in boyfriend Virender Singh is the prime suspect, police might of course be searching Juliet’s profile in facebook n social networking sites to find her close friends.

JULIET name in number 20 has the unlucky meaning. We know why because 20 expands to 38. And the delhi living girl’s friend has the name adding to 47-


30                     17 =  47.

Notice the first name n title pattern in 3 n 8…i.e. 38 which is unlucky as per the science of numbers. It creates mental depressions, worries, suicidal instincts.

Here, it is noteworthy that 38 is more suicidal rather than murderous. Is her murderer of Juliet somebody else? Birth details generally reveal much.

Common man can always escape the bad effects of number 38, simply by altering the name spelling. But yes, it should be done in a safe manner.

Latest release of Tiger Shroff ‘HEROPANTI’ added to number 38. No wonder it failed badly. The producers might still be searching tv airing for it. Seems it has found a sponsor in LAVA, but how could a movie title in such bad numbers really be liked by viewers?

The first leason in how to increase trp, dates for tv airing is to avoid naming a movie title in the numerology of 38.


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