HNY Surviving Or Not Survivng?

new year

Amidst the ‘artificial’ appraisals and public likings, it is quite difficult to discern the real status of ‘Happy new year’. Numerology wise, the release date oct 24 was imperfect to some extent.

I am not talking about the general guess, date 24 and destiny 14 adding to suicidal number 38. I read somewhere that attempt has been made to sync the release with film’ title which adds to 48 [number 3].

It is a known fact that numbers 3, 6 and 9 fall under a common series. One proves lucky for the other.  OCT 24 means 6, syncs with 48 [3]. REALLY?

Here, the good thing is- number 38 might/might not show its bad effects because date and destiny have a ‘four’ in them. And it tends to change into 5.

In that case, nobody can claim that the film’ success was due to matching of 24 and 48 [the 24 would have become 25]. So, it remains a confused affair. If the opening day collection is to be believed, Happy new year should collect minimum 500-600 cr net domestic [not worldwide].


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