Anand enters powerful age 46!

anand vs carlsen game

Viswanathan  Anand enters the powerful age 46 on nov 11, and he immediately beats his chess championship opponent Carlsen in 2014 challenge. Numbers matter a lot, our birth numbers. It gives power and success when comes in matching pattern and snatches luck when not.

Last year, Anand was in his 45th age which numerically adds to number 9. And we know that this number is extremely bad for number 2, his birth date is 11. And he lost title last year, much to the shock of his fans.

World Chess Champion 2014 has begun on nov 7, a date matching with Anand’s birth date 11. Natural luck factor. Of course, we need to be careful because 7 is an unstable number, it turns into 2 at times.

In case that happens, the beginning date matrix adds to 18…  resembling Carlsen’s birth destiny total 54.

Today also, we face the same confusion. His destiny is 24 in normal ways. Today, game 4, has date 12, destiny 12..together adding to 24…

Should we neglect his 0 in 30?  Seems like draw or a defeat for Carlsen today.

Age 46 gives unprecedented success, seems Anand could win 2014 chess title, become the champion.

Game 5- today, there is the matrix total 28 [which resembles 32 reminding its half wicked pair 16] and fri

Anand’s dob is 11, destiny 30…  seems matching…   [there is slight 9 gaps] Anand could win today.

the digit reversal showed effect, refrained anand from winning.

Game 6- today, date plus destiny is adding to 30   [Carlsen’ dob and anand’s destiny, both are 30].  Better chance for Anand. sat killed his luck.

Game 10- today, Anand seems to have winning chances because the date/destiny might reverse to form 11/22…matching his dob.

Finally, only the changing nature of 7 showed the real affect. Everything else went to water….strange. I thought 46 would show power, but it seems that since his dob is 11, next age 47 might be better.


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