Adelaide Strikers Vs Melbourne Stars Match Prediction

strikers vs stars scorecard and winner prediction

Welcome to live coverage of australian cricket t20 strikers vs stars match today. Tips are based mainly for enjoyment, not for bet. Remember, betting is not good, the so called jackpot tips provided by predictors mostly ruin people.

Today numerology has the total number as 37 [date 18 plus destiny 19]. This number changes to 32 often. Also, the 89 sometimes change to a zero. It seems that today match could see Adelaide as winner….because..


19               =  20 plus thu = 23.

Adelaide strikers team name adds to 46, so..a natural matching….It is to be noted that..Captain of melbourne stars- cameron white has his birth date in 18. So, that could change scenario.

‘Numerology methods could be use to predict strikers vs stars scorecard too.’  And it happened, our concepts reflected on scores.

Today, matrix total plus thu = 40. It expands to 58, the score came 148.  Now, target came 149 = 23 [as hinted above].

1st and 2nd wkt were based on half wicked pair 16-32…. and 18-54.  And also, the ‘zero’ theory showed effect in full swing.

Remember, cricket is a game. Enjoy it like a game, don’t indulge in match fixing.


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