World Cup 2015 Results Prediction [Numerology]

Now that Indian squad for world cup 2015 has been announced, it felt appropriate to tell you few words about predictions on world cup match dates and results. Numerology provides so many points that it becomes difficult to trap the correct result predictions. Still, I will attempt world cup winner prediction because I had missed it last time.

Cricket betting for world cup has always invited match fixing. If the ICC had shown intelligence, it would have disallowed world cup betting, but they are themselves advertising the banners of Strange. It is huge money which is killing the honesty of Indian cricketers.

World Cup results prediction

World cup prediction have always been the pick of Indian astrologers and numerologists. It is strange that the method of winner prediction for world cup have hardly shown any uniformity. The same might be witnessed in upcoming world cup 2015 predictions.

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World cup 2015 predictions has one striking point- beginning date 14. It reminds us of half wicked pair 28, and its look alike pair 23.

Number 14 and 28 forms a winning pair. Team captains having destiny number matching it have almost sure chance of lifting the world cup 2015 trophy. Even birth date in 14, 5, 28 [10]should provide luck.

So many present captains are carrying similar birth/destiny numbers, just note and enjoy-

A B Devilliers [South Africa]- destiny number= 32

Misbah ul haq [Pakistan]- birth date 28

Mcullum [New Zealand]- Destiny 37

Eoin Morgan [England]- Birth date 10

Reverse order defect-

A simple reversal of digits weaken things. And, Devilliers and Mcullum’s destiny are in reverse order to beginning date 14.

Eoin Morgan’s birth date and destiny are matching brilliantly [but yes, england team is very weak].

Pakistan’s independence date is 14, so that could help them better than others. It is seen that number 1 controls 5 very well, Mcullum and New Zealand’s chances are high.

And last but not the least, the 45 in the beginning date pattern hints at Sri lanka team too [they are 18 and this is a special pair with 45].

So, roughly world cup semi-finalists teams appear to be England, New Zealand, Pakistan and Sri lanka [based on the above factors].

What are India’s chances in world cup 2015? The beginning date feb 14 has destiny number 15. And it is India’s independence date number. If Indian cricketers remain honest, India too could near the finals.

world cup prediction for india

Year 2015 has strange numbers…India’s destiny number 35 is present in it with the ‘zero’ – 21 – 5 -0. Zero weakens and sometimes ruins things. Simple things, year adding to 8 supports number 3 [india= 3].

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Simple numerology says that India is in 68 th year of independence. Its good days will begin from 69th..i.e. not before the world cup 2015 ends. But, if we follow ‘zero expands to 18]..India’s independence date/destiny=


35 = 50 = 68

Warning signals too- The beginning date is showing unlucky number 38 too- generally it indicates some bad fate awaiting. So, world cup 2015 might get spoiled somehow?