South Africa Vs West Indies ODI Prediction

sa vs wi 1st t20 prediction

Today, we will be attempting south africa vs west indies t20 prediction. And the live hints too might help. In twenty 20 contest, WI do tumble toughest of opponents at times. Depends on the matching of the numerology of the captains or teams. While Darren Sammy sides as west indies captain, Fa Du Plessis is the captain of south africa.

South africa vs west indies t20 prediction [series winner tip]

Basically, date 9 is not suitable for persons affected by 8 [darren sammy destiny number is 26]. So, not a good sign for WI.  Advanced things are confusing here.

UPDATE– I had doubts that 89 = 0 would show effect. So, the matrix was becoming 10 on which WI and sammy have greater control because their numerology too have 0′.

sa vs wi 1st t20 prediction- SA [match fixing done]

what to say, what not to say? Both, 1st and 2nd wkt in 33 pattern.  Of course, the totals are not having clarity because 12 plus 12 = 24 = 25?   no idea..

sa vs wi 1st t20 prediction-WI

And most surprisingly, I had hit upon almost all the main points of today’s match last night itself [the maths part]. The matrix of today has the unstable 4 which backfired extra ones multiple times and finally getting stabilized like this-


20 = 25 plus sun = 26.  Not only this, almost all the four matches followed this pattern and produced scores resembling it. And finally this match score too..

232 = 25   [I had mentioned in big bash post about double 23s possible today.

sa vs wi 3rd t20- SA

The matrix displayed 2 behaviors- 14/14 changing to 15/15 and the other, which I missed earlier-


05= 20 plus 5 = 25

The target 196 = 130…which is anti Sammy’s destiny 26.

South africa vs west indies ODI series- Jason holder is the new captain, his numerology is looking attractive…


1st odi – SA

Possible scores- 231, 256, 285

2nd ODI- SA

today’s matrix is amazing.. original total 36 means 00. When matrix is turned, the total 99 is just an 18 or single zero. Sun and zero mean 10 = 28. Rest depends on whether one more zero? While original version is unstable because of 37, the latter 99 is stable.

General possible score-

233, 278, 274, 311, 401

specific- 297,

3rd ODI- WI

4th ODI- WI

interestingly, the modified matrix when turned clockwise gives a 4 and 11, which is visible in 2nd wkt too-

13 = 4

65 = 11

The score came 26 2. 26 particularly comes from 13. And 2 from 11. 2nd wkt generally represents defeat, which means the score will be chased down? Depends on the balances of 9 created.

5th ODI- SA

again, west indies do have chance…. in case, 47 becomes 42…. it is in reverse order with de villier’s 17 [12]….

Guess score- 272

2nd wkt [losing team hint] 16-27…resembles jason holder’s birth destiny pattern… 5/27 = 32   [16-32 pair].